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2 Likes Dangerous tires (a Discussion)
I've been riding for decades and have put hundreds of thousands of miles on my bikes. In the last...
by A1biker   5 years ago

I have no experience with the E3 but as far as the style of the tire my Sporty uses a Michelin tire...
5 years ago
1 Like Continental tyres recalled (a Discussion)
by theturbo   5 years ago

0 Likes Tires or Tyres? That is the question! (a Discussion)
Ok I know this has been discussed before but it is an ever changing subject. As a result of my...
by Washbrook   5 years ago

I just put Michelin commander 2 on my vulcan and have no complaints. it comes down to personnel...
5 years ago
0 Likes New tubes should go inside new tubed tyres (a Discussion)
by theturbo   5 years ago

I fit new tube's to every second tyre fit, I found that work's for me
5 years ago
-1 Likes Riding on the Darkside (a Video)
I just recently learned about what is called "Riding On The Darkside."  For those like me who have...
by rangerider_45   6 years ago

I'm trying Dunlop Elite 3, a duel compound, a good feeling tire hopin' to get more than 10,000 km...
5 years ago
0 Likes My Favorite GL1800 Goldwing Tires (a Discussion)
Summer is coming to an end and we are starting to head into winter, or "maintenance season" as I...
by Zee331   6 years ago

0 Likes WWGe129 Motorcycle Tires Discussed (a Video)
Kyle Bradshaw of meets up with Greg Beck of Tucker Rocky to talk...
by ManyBikes   6 years ago

2 Likes Tire Safety (a Discussion)
I ran across a few links while investigating different tire brands prior to my recent tire purchase...
by hidetooler   6 years ago

Very good points !! The date is why I do not like ordering tires . I want to see them before I buy...
6 years ago
1 Like Finally (a Photo)
Finally got the Valkyrie converted over to the Dark side----Love it
by scubad26   6 years ago

Congrads on the switching over. It's not for everyone, but for those that have switch, I have...
6 years ago
0 Likes New Metzeler 880's (a Discussion)
Just ordered a set of Metzeler ME-880's for the Shadow to replace the 880's on the bike. New valve...
by hidetooler   6 years ago

Marty, cannot answer all those questions. Valk stems are L shaped anyway. Have run Metzlers on my...
6 years ago