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7 Likes Motorcycle Tire Tip of the Week from Cruiser Customizing (a Video)
Kyle Bradshaw aka: manybikes of Cruiser Customizing takes some time in this Tip of the Week to...
by ManyBikes   10 years ago

Has this video been turned off...........I couldn't get it to start.
7 years ago
0 Likes Time for new Tires (a Discussion)
Heavy bikes go through tires quickly.  I have had my bike about a year and I am about to turn 8,000...
by Perry461   7 years ago

5 Likes My Tires Have Grip! (a Photo)
by HDRide   7 years ago

I see your right foot draginnnn on the
7 years ago
0 Likes Tire Support ! (a Photo)
Shot at Texas Stadium. I think this photo shows that "tire selection and support" is something that...
by mdc0920   7 years ago

7 years ago
2 Likes april video contest, part 1 of 2 (a Video)
Even the best tires of which I currently have Metzlers on, can't stand a chance against a "screw...
by triumphin   7 years ago

very cool
7 years ago
3 Likes Saturdays Goldwing Service (a Video)
Oil was filthy, tires were bald and breaks were worn out... Time for a Saturday Morning Goldwing...
by ManyBikes   7 years ago

@Uwe - Time crunch. I had three sets of tires to swap... and Motowerks and I got them all done in...
7 years ago
6 Likes New Tires for my Aprilia CapoNord (a Video)
by uwe999   10 years ago

I burned out a couple of clutches, but never a rear tire. Don't challenge me
7 years ago
17 Likes I scrub for free (a Video)
I am always looking for new ways to keep my white walls clean, I thought I would share this one...
by bernbo   9 years ago

kool but i think you miss a spot.......
9 years ago
7 Likes WWGe52 Ride-On Tire Balancer and Sealant (a Video)
Call 1-888-857-5417 to speak with a Ride-On Specialist or visit to learn...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

7 Nurseman So, then it is OK to remove the wheel weights from my wheels.  You're right.  They are UGLY.
8 years ago
0 Likes Wheels and tires For Vulcan 900 (a Discussion)
Hey vulcan riders out there, I have a question and I'm hoping ssomeone out there would give me some...
by horseshoe65   7 years ago

Yea, I feel your pain! What you can find is well over a thousand! I can't find anything aftermarket...
7 years ago