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If you're looking for a throaty 2-1 exhaust then you've found it.  I haven't Dyno'd it yet so I don't know about the performance boost but from the seat of my pants I know I haven't lost anything. It's pretty loud when you open it up but your idle volume is fine.  They look amazing!  

There is no installation instructions so if you've never installed an exhaust before you better hit youtube for some videos.  The only real problem I had was figuring out how to attach the big heat shield in the center because you have to slide it over the pipes and not scratch it.  Took some time but would have gone faster with a little painter tape to protect it.  It was about an hour to get on the bike only because I had to call Trask for the mounting location to confirm where it goes due to no instructions.  Take a look at the pictures on their website and you'll see just below the exhaust the bracket coming down.  Had I done that first I wouldn't have needed to call.  Something cool I wasn't expecting was the jake brake sound you get when you let off the exhaust after accelerating, it's deep and sounds like an semi Smiley-laughing

I couldn't be happier with these pipes!

Would be nice to have some instructions or a link to an install video.
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Relatively quiet at idle. Loud when you get on your throttle and very nice sound when decelerating on the highway. Easy install.
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No installation instructions.
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Standard wrenches
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< 1 Month