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10th Annual Wild Hogs Ride

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Proposed route for this years ride.



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Cool! I see the Rockley pub made it back in.
Frank & Nick will be in tents, I will be in the Tah Mahal and Wayne needs to confirm his sleeping arrangements.

I'M COMING ... I need a room, I've seen Steve in his altogether not a pretty site. HE He. I don't like the ground. Let me know what the rooms cost and I'll bring CASH...or card.. This is going to be a great time..

Hey Wayne!
Will you share a cabin or do you want your own?

Depends on how loud the snoring is. I do have ear plugs.. I can share , I have shared a room with Randy he can make the room move. It you want to share a room I'm good with that. I have already seen you in the bufff. OOPPPS

I'm in cabin so if Wayne wants to share I'm good with that.

Is Pablo tenting Ray?

COOL Ray All I need is a little Jim Beam just before hitting the pillow.

Wayne, I don't want to be in your filthy dreams anymore!

Yes Terry he is .

No worries Wayne, will be nice to meet you. looks like we will have a good group this year.

I can't wait.

Steve: love at first sight Smiley-laughing I was so looking forward to seeing you...... Have a great weekend..

Obviously, every day is a weekend for you....... its Tuesday Smiley-laughing

OH!! my bad. How is the ride going to keep me as I am the crack of 9 guy? I am sorry guys, Steve is right on every day is a weekend for me. I'm loving it too... I am really ready for getting to meet all who show up and ride. I am going to have a blast..I have met and rode with Three of you Aussies and loved every min. of it. These are them Steve , DR.Phil and Peter. All supper guys.. Well have another great weekend , I am...

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