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1st Scout Video

Watch on Vimeo

GoPro now set up on Scout and 1st video recorded and edited.



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Nice and smooth Tezza. The weather looked good

Nice neighborhood you live in. I think I'll move there for our winter at least. lol.

Thanks for the ride along. Fall is upon us here but I still have tomatoes in the garden.

Virgin Scout Video!

That came out well. Sort of riding with you. I'm afraid I might end up on the wrong side of the street turning on to a different road.

That is smooth, no vibration, excellent Tezza. Bill and Allen this is what we have nearly all year round perfect riding weather, there's not many times you can't ride unless it is pouring rain off course.

Capt, your on the right side of the road, lol

I know. Over there that's a problem.

Thanks guys. Weather is better every day now.

Nice little video.

Looks like a perfect day

Tezza great quality vid no vibes and clear. So which bike is the favourite..

That's a very clear vid Terry, and I'm not only talking about the camera work! Your new bike also looks great, I do like the brown leather in combination with the black paint. You don't have a windscreen? Don't you want one?

Always nice to see the new fresh green and flowers in spring. As we live at the other side of the world here nature is turning from green to brown and red... The end of the week will give us some nice day's, so maybe I can go for some little rides... If I go, I'll take my camera and show some of our autumn colors...

Lots of people walking and running in your vid... I thought we had a lot of stange people doing that here, but in Australia they do the same for some reason!!! LOL

Nice vid Terry, keep them coming!!!

Spratty, the Scout is my favourite but the Boulevard is my big trip ride.

Thanks Gert, I've heard reports that the windscreens are not that good. That's the first riding video for a long time so I need to get some practice in for our wild hogs next month.
Good to see you still getting some rides in.

how many Km is the paved portion of the walkway along the river? When we lived in Boise Id, there was a paved walking/bicycle path along the Boise river that went for 17 miles. It had 4 large parks through out town on it. Here in Medford we have a paved walking/bicycle path that goes along the Bear Creek down to Ashland which is about 20 miles long. Trying to extend it north to Grants Pass which would add another 20 miles or so.
The scout is looking rather divine.

That's nearly as big as our whole country! LOL

Good looking ride cobber and a smoothe video. We have had crap weather over here. The boss has done in hrr knee and goes for surgery next week. Hope to get her back out riding soon

Randy, on the side I did the video, the distance from bridge to bridge is 2.6 kilometers. To do the walk on both sides would be about 5.3 kilometers.

Does any one rollerblade on it or is that forbidden? 2.6 k is just getting warmed up. the 5.3 k would be a good workout on the blades if doing high speed.

Randy, for me it's forbidden, lol

Roller blades, scooters, bicycles or whatever Randy.

Randy, it's even allowed to go backwards or up side down, specially for you! LOL

They allow scooters on it. That is were most cities drawn the line. No motorized traffic. Those scooter riders would need to be aware of me grabbing them as they went by me so I could rest for a bit and still feel the breeze.

No motorised scooters Randy. Just the blades...or whatever they call them now.

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