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First time out together this year. Willie Scott's first ride since his heart attack. He is doing good.



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YOU sure have a great ride there and Nice video too. Very nice weather.

Thanks Wayne. We really enjoy it

So I guess if I want good riding weather I need to get a bike like yours, punch the button for your desired riding temp, and poof, you got it. Do they make an after market version of that function????? Need that for tomorrow, prediction of some snow on the valley floor again.

Great vid Allen. Spot on day with cool music. Loved the camera position showing ahead and rear views.

Absolutely the best view in the world ... ya got that right Alen! Great scoot!

Not sure if they do Randy, lol. Thanks guys

Good you guys got out. That is a nice temp. I like the camera position too,and yes it is the best view!!

Thanks Bill

Glad your friend Willie is doing well. Nice to see you out and about. Enjoyed that thoroughly.

Thanks Raymond. It was a good time

Survivors Rock! Scars are Tattoo's with better stories.

that looks like fun It is going to be a while before it is that temperature here

Great vid Allen and very smooth video, an indication of how stable the Wing is.

Thanks guys. Really had a good ride

Great vid Allen , you sure have mastered the art of video making . Geez I don't get on the site for a while and I miss so much , when did you get the new ( very nice looking ) machine ?

Mike, got it in November. It's very comfortable.

Good on you Allen , you look real comfortable on it . When I upgraded from the 650 I was surprised how easy it was to ride .

Mike it weights 934 lbs Not as much as it looks like it would weight. But almost twice heavy as the one I had. So the first couple stops was a small adjustment

Yes it is an adjustment. Like when I went from 510 lbs of the Speedmaster to the 750 lbs of Bird.. Don't know if I would be able to handle anything heavier. Have to be real careful that I don't park on any slight incline that I have to back up on otherwise it does not happen. The Bird is 5 of me. (to save you from calculating, I'm 145 lbs) actually 150 lbs if I have on soaking wet clothes.

I bought my Nomad from Ipswich in Queensland Allen , about 1200 km's north of Sydney , were I live . When I jumped on for the first time it was like I'd been riding it for ages . It felt more balanced and I felt more comfortable on it than the 650 , and I had about 1200 k's to get to know it well .

I know what you saying Randy I find the same with the Tiger when backing up a slight incline and your on tippie toes its a bloody effort for sure.

I used to find the Nomad the same but not some much since having the Tiger.

And Nobby that's how the Roadmaster is

Mike, the only thing that was an adjustment was a complete stop. But after the second stop I figured it out
Randy and Spratty, it has reverse. So that is a big help

reverse you'd need that for sure Allen

If you've never used one on a bike, it's definitely different the first couple times

I think all bikes over 600 lbs should have reverse.

The reverse is electric isn't it Allen ?

Yes Mike. It runs off the starter button. Therefore it's not fast. But that's a good thing

Wonderfull to see you making a ride again Allen! Yes, it's time for the new season!

This is my reverse tippy toe push back, push back, cramp in calf, stop to dance around and do it all over again. I like Allen's new way better.

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