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2-19-17 Part 2

Watch on Vimeo

This one I done by myself and it shows, lol. Plus didn't help that I had a few drinks. The song is the first one I came to , so I went with it


Own Video: 





Soggy Bottom? LOL

LOL. You should have had a few more drinks. Nice vid.

Bill, I drank what I could, lol. Thanks

So this is the music you're listening to after had a couple of beers?! LOL Nothing wrong with this vid, now you know the recepy to add your next coming vids!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Gert, when I've had that many beers, no telling what I listen to

Or watch. LOL.

Very true Bill

Nice video and tunes. Maybe you need just another beer or two. Looking GOOD

Now that's a true foot thumper Smiley-laughing

Nice vid and music Allen. At least you can't go DUI making videos. Smiley-laughing

I had a few more Wayne, lol

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