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2012 Community Hall of Fame Awards

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I'm honored to present the first Community Hall of Fame inductees with my co-host Polssken and my girlfriend Tracy.

The "Hall of Fame" idea actually goes way back to the original “Cruiser of the Week” feature we had on the old site. Some members suggested to turn that into a “Cruiser of the Month” feature to recognize key contributors in the community.
It eventually morphed into a “Hall of Fame” and a team of international community member hashed out the details and came up with the criteria for members to qualify for the Community Hall of Fame. Besides Marek (Polssken) and myself we also had Rick (skeeter229), Dim (Dimitra), Kat (Katbrat) and Phil (PhilCole) on the team.

We wanted to pick members who significantly contributed to the overall enjoyment of everybody on the site. We wanted to pick members that not only contributed lots of discussions, photos and videos but also participated in helpful discussions, helped other members, offered advice. We wanted to pick members that have been coming to the site frequently and have been there for a long time.
We also looked at their offline activities, for example if they organized member rallies or met up with other members for rides.

Checkout our 2012 Hall of Fame inductees:

Kyle aka ManyBikes

Kyle who’s passion for all things two wheels earned him his American Indian name of ‘ManyBikes’,
converted from a bike parts online store, to an interactive and engaging
community for people with a shared passion (and individual style) to come together and connect from all
over the world.

Kyle has been the main force behind the development of the Cruiser Customizing Community or ‘CCC’ as it
is affectionately known. He asked the right questions and listened to the community members.

Everything from engaged members, tech support, product and shipping enquiries, establishing the fun
photo and video competitionsmember incentives, COTW (Cruiser of the Week), TOTW videos (Tip of the Week),
WWG videos (Wednesday with Greg) and a bunch of other stuff! Within the limitations of technology on the old
CCC platform, Kyle brought us the basis of the community that we all share and enjoy to this very day.

It is fair to say that without Kyle ‘ManyBikes’, the community would not be where it is today. And to take
it one step further, without this community, we would not have had the opportunity to meet some of the
most fantastic people we’ve ever met. Across the seas or in our own backyards, we’ve all made friends for
life here on CCC, in ways none of us could ever have imagined.

Don aka copperguy

A legend is not too liberal a term for the one known as ‘copperguy’ around here. A major personality of the
CC Community in his time on this site, he was the first to welcome hundreds (possibly thousands) of new
members as they joined the site, making everyone feel at ease as part of the CCC family.

Don always had time for others, always took the time to comment on everyone's pictures, videos, blogs,
discussions and competition entries. His own contribution to the site was always highly entertaining,
humorous, generous and supportive of the community’s growth. Interacting with Don gave us all a great
feeling of mateship and family, through the invisible reach of the internet and across the seas.

He made many friendships that extended beyond CCC and into the realm of Skype, mailed souvenirs and
even met some members when geography permitted. Ice fishing and head pets were his signature.

Then in July 2011 we heard the shocking news of Don’s sudden death caused by a motorcycle related
accident on his ride home from work on that fateful day. We never met in person, but the loss of Don’s
charismatic presence cut us all so deep that all our international CC Community members were left to
mourn in his wake.

Immortalised on these pages, any time we feel the weight of emptiness his absence has created, we can log
in to CCC and tune into any number of copperguy’s postings for a dose of his witty quips. Memories that all
his mates will always treasure.

Chris aka outbackaussie

In an iconic photo posted by Chris ‘oubackaussie’, submitted for a CCC photo contest on ‘Reflections’,
is an image that truly embodies all that is Chris, where he writes: “I had been on my bike for two and a
half days travelling from medical scans in Melbourne to Longreach in Central Outback Queensland
(1500 miles) and was only two hours from home when i chanced upon this lookout not far from a little
outpost called Jundah. I had transversed a lot of the great country I live in spending many solitary hours
considering the next steps in my ongoing battle against the big C, and just stopped looking over vast plains
of scrub reflecting on the many things that i am fortunate enough to be able to do, have done and will do
in my life.”

His contribution on the site was at the same level as any regular CCC member, however it was his
significant contribution to people’s real lives outside of the website community that was outstanding and
left it’s mark on our hearts.

In 2010, a large contingent of Aussie members had the pleasure of meeting outbackaussie on our first
Australian CCC Rally. We'll never forget outbackaussie’s ingenious home-made mods on the Shadow, from
clear perspex lowers mounted to his crash bars for wind protection, to his home-made speakers installed
into driving light housings and hooked up to play his iPod which had everything from AC/DC to Sinatra.
There was always laughter, classic tunes and good times when Chris was around.

One would never know the personal battle he fought with an aggressive stomach cancer that had already
taken route before we ever met him, and eventually took him from us again. In his final months, Chris had
made peace with his fate and made a huge effort to visit with as many Aus CCC members as he could, on
what he knew would be his ‘last ride’ to say goodbye to all his friends and family across the country, on his
Kawasaki Voyager with his partner. He made the most of his trip and rode until the last possible moment,
when ultimately he was unable to ride due to the late stages of his cancer. Chris never showed his pain, he
played the hand he was dealt with such grace, even in his final moments still cracking jokes and keeping
you smiling. His outlook on life under such circumstances was an inspiration to us all.

Chris is one of the real faces of bikers, true ‘mate’ material. His legacy lives on at our Australian CCC Rally's
where the prestigious "Outbackaussie Award" is gifted to only the most worthy of contributor's at each
year’s weekend trip. An honour for any CCC member.

Robin aka Robin001

Robin01 one of the ‘originals’, has been a part of the CC Community as long as we can remember. His
contribution to the community has been influential in helping to set the tone and shape the community
from the early days.

Particularly in the early days, but even now, contributes to the community and supports its growth,
welcomes new members, shares videos, photos, advice and stories with the community, comments on
other member’s media and participates in contests and other site activities. He always stands up for other
members and ensures everyone had a fair go. He is someone to call ‘mate’, but he’s also a self-confessed
“Bloody Idiot”.

Together with Phil, the first Australian CCC Rally was born. Now an institution, with rally’s held annually for
all Aussie members (and any international members who care to cross the seas to join in the fun). A seed
of an idea back in 2009, both Robin and Phil worked very hard to organise the 2010 Mildura CCC Rally, a
fantastic success that demanded an encore.

Robin volunteered a significant amount of his time to co-ordinate the very first Video Contest on CCC. With
no prior format or structure to the contest, Robin worked with Kyle and the CC team to develop a fun and
engaging contest, which he ran superbly.

Robin will always be one of the original that helped shape the site, and as such his valuable contribution
must be recognised. All hail the President of Bloody Idiots SMC.

Earl aka EARL1

Those who knew Earl1 describe him as supportive, encouraging and funny. His contribution was in his
involvement in the community, adding media, and interacting with other members.

Earl is described as always putting others first, his sympathetic approach both encouraging and supporting
of others in the community. All this despite his own personal challenge which he kept silent about in the
public forum. It was only after his private passing that we hear about Earl’s 17 month struggle with Lou
Gehrig Disease. His wife compelled to log into the CC Community to inform the many friends he’d made
why Earl was now silent and not contributing.

For 2013’s Hall of Fame inductees we’ll want to include the feedback of all members. Around Fall of 2013 we’ll start the selection process on the site and everybody can participate and suggest future nominees.

Lets celebrate our inductees and their achievements to our motorcycle community.





Tracy, you are a gem. Why are you being punished so heavily????????????
Kyle, love the American Indian Name!!!!!!!!! Very well deserved Kyle. Now study hard so you can go on a real holiday!!
copperguy. Enough said.
outbackaussie, at every CCC rally and every Not The CCC rally. Missed.
Robin001. No greater commitment. Well done, and well deserved.
Earl1, another posthumous recognition so very well deserved. A fine man in all senses of the word.
Great effort guys. Love to see it happen

Well done everyone. Uwe and Tracy please let Polssken out of the closet next time. Great idea, it was interesting to see some of the members and hear the story behind their profiles. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words and this method was very well done. I think it illustrates why Cruiser Customizing is surging as a community, great leadership and committed members! Skeep

Wonderful people and many of them are my friends and I have shared many good times with them from the first CCC River run in Mildura Australia AND meeting Tracy and Uwe IN Canberra Australia in March this year .This would not have come about had it not been for the people that have been honoured here.
The efforts of these Members over the years to keep the Community Growing has been a joy to me and many others .Sadly we have lost several of them but they will stay in my heart and mind every time I get on one of my bikes they ride with me always .
We come from all parts of the world and we ride the roads together as Friends.

Great vid.


great idea for common reason

A huge salute to those who were inducted, and also to the wider community for making the website so successful.
Well done!

What a fantastic boost to the community and congratulations to all and their on going effort to make this the most superior bike site on the web and a close community on and off the web

Congrats to Kyle and Rob!!!!
You guys deserved this award as much as Don, Chris, and Earl - That´s for sure!!!

Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to you all.

What a great intitiative - all very worthy inductees. I don't mind admitting that I teared up a bit as Marek read out the citations. Well done Uwe and the team. Uwe - please give Tracy a speaking role next time LOL.

And Robin ...... I still reckon your BISMC T-shirt has a picture of Lenin on it, not you! Well done mate!

Very well done and congratulations to the inductees!

Gratz to you all

Excellent idea guys and a very hearty and worthy congrats to all the inductees, present and future.

Well done, Congrat's to all inductees

I'm with you Vardy, I teared up a bit when I heard the names of the inductees. Each and every one of them a worthy recipient. It makes me feel so proud to have known those Eternal Riders through CCC and even prouder to know my mate and my President are amongst the CCC elite. Well done to all, and well done Marek, Uwe and Tracy for a great presentation and initiative.

Congrats Rob and Kyle!!
While I never had the priveledge of knowing the Eternal riders through this site, I have become aware of the high esteem and regard with which they were held by their fellow CCC members.
Rob and Kyle, I agree with all the above comments, you are both truly worthy recipients of this inaugural prestigious award !! Smiley-laughing

Wow! Congratulations to all the inductees. A worthy choice and a fantastic presentation by the the team. It totally blew me away. It was awesome. Excellent work by all.

Congrats to Kyle and Rob, a fitting tribute to the others who have gone before us.

My congratulations to Kyle and Rob as well! I know the honor will also be greatly appreciated by the families of our brothers who have ridden on. Well deserved!

Congratuations to all. Well done and worthy recipients.

Wipes a tear from the corner of eye

Congratulations Kyle and Rob, you guys are part of the originals that have brought CC to where it is today... and as for Chris, Don and Earl, what can I say? We were blessed to have known them even such a short time, all real characters who made a real impact here in the lives of so many members who will remember them always. Such worthy recipients!

And to Uwe, Tracy and Marek: Wow!! I am so proud to have been a part of bringing this together from behind the scenes but the presentation you guys have put together for the Hall of Fame Awards was just awesome. I should have known if Marek was involved there'd be a real show of it.... honestly, well done!!

... and yes, a little emotional over here too.

Hi Dim, thanks again for doing the brilliant write ups:
Did you ever think about riding a book? You sure have the talent!

She thought about it, but wasn't sure if she could get the right lean angle into the corners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful job all, tears on this end too. I too, am honoured to be a part of the behind the scenes crew. Amazing video, amazing inductees all. Hats off! Uwe thank you for joining me in the Dim fan club, I've been bugging her to write a book for some time now Smiley-laughing We are all so blessed to have such wonderful folks on this site to interact with. Blessings everyone!


Great choices you guys !! This is an excellent idea to honor the members of the CC Community !!

CONGRATS to ALL.................Great video and idea !

That was an awesome job. I am glad that you guys came up with the idea.

congrats to all....

This 2012 Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony is FANTASTIC! It brought tears to my eyes. I love you all and am so thankful to have met you all ... and that meeting has turned into worldwide friendships! Cheers to all of the inductees and another Cheers to the Hall of Fame committee Marek (Polssken), Uwe (Uwe999), Rick (skeeter229), Dim (Dimitra), Kat (Katbrat) and Phil (PhilCole). Thank you all for your nominations. Cheers to 2013 and to the new friends we will add to our collection of Mates this year! Much Gratitude, Kyle (Manybikes)

Great idea! Congratulations to all inductees!

Ditto here! All deserving of the honor.

My Congratulations to all the inductees.


Congrats Lads, look foward to seein you soon.

Be good to meet you Len, Obviously your coming to the 2013 SA Rally mate

Well the way I see it,if someone work's hard at something they love,it somehow isn't work no more. The rewards such as this is like ( Icing on the cake ). Im glad to see something such as this,good job.

All of they are the best of the best in CCC, congrats to all of them !!

Hey! Good to see you Mexican BI!

whats the B stand for Al

Here I'm again mate!! Biggrin

BI hagar...Mexican Bloody Idiot! lol're always here! Don't you have work to do? A cigarette to smoke? Coffee to drink? lol

thanks Al hi Cehszer

It's ok Mark....I know you've had a hard day. Hope those fires aren't giving you guys too much drama.

not yet

Hope it stays that way buddy

Love this and the way the video was done. You guys rock.

Very nice , well done.

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