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2016 CCC Broken Hill Rally - The Big Bench Ride


Very enjoyable Norman thanks. The hill is not what it used to be now. How many pub's still open.

Pup's open? What pup's Ray? I see only land, land, land....

Nice vid again Norman... I start to recognize people only by seeing their bikes!

Awesome video thanks for sharing

Ray, lots of pubs closed since I was last there. I could almost finish a pub crawl down the main street now. If I get time I will post more tomorrow, if not then early next week.

Gert, your mixing up words, Pu"B"s are not the same as Pu"P"s. Pubs are for drinking beer, pups are like Ibor when he was small. Pups can hide in that land. Pubs do NOT want to hide in that land.
Nice line up of bikes there, and even better that I have a sense of who rides them.

Thanks Randy! .... And I learned another lesson of the great English language today! LOL

Gert, Randy, I had just assumed a typo error hence no need to explain. Cheers.

LOL.... No problem for me Norman! I realy enjoy watching your vids. Al the space, the views, we don't have it here so I enjoy every single second watching this kind of vids!

Thanks. I hope to post a few more form the Rally.

That would be great!

I'm with Gert, I didn't see any pubs. Nice music and ride

Gert knows I need to give him "gruff" as it is just my dry humor reading things literally. The b and p mix up is like the old saying that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing or vice versa.

"Gruff" I had to find on Google translate what that means! LOL

We are highjacking this great vid Norman poduced, let's concentrate on that! Smiley-wink

Hope to see some of the other participants post vids. I've seen more of the trip on facebook than on here. I suspect part of that reason is that the photo album upload here is NOT working making it difficult to post the pics. I like to see a silver lining in the bad. That means you post one pic every day of the trip thus keeping things active on the sight instead of posting them all at once and then I go several days not seeing any new pics. I then have to scrounge the internet for something to post or repost old pics.

Thanks for sharing. Great vid.

Randy, I tried to post all my pics but as you say, the uploader was not working. To be fair, some of the participants have still been on the road, I think almost everyone except for Spad should have got home yesterday, possibly today. Spad has a day or so to go. It is far easier to "check in" via facebook as they go. My gut feel is that you should start to see more photos videos etc over the next few days or so.

Glad everyone had fun and made it home safely

Great vid Norman, yes I'm home now and it I will take some time to sift through all the vid footage.. I've put one pic and will put up some pics later, bit of a pain the uploader isn't working.

Nice one Norman.

Spratty, I look forward to your vids.

I love watching these Norman!
You guys missed the ride back down,
I took Turbo and Mike to the Palace Hotel (pub). What a historic place!!/The_Murals

Now did I miss that....

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