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2016 CCC Rally Broken Hill Riders ride.

Watch on Vimeo

It was Beachy's task to work out rides for each day of the Rally, Beachy spoke to one of his students who he knew came from Broken Hill with the view of getting the low down on great places to ride. His student told him about "The Broken Hill Riders". This is a group of bike enthusiasts who get together every Sunday and ride off in one direction or another for the simple pleasure of going for a ride.

They have all sorts of bikes, new old, sports, cruisers and everything in between. Apparently they get between 30 and 60 bikes each Sunday. They meet up then head out to a pre-determined spot where they have a Morning Tea trailer [see opening picture on this video] to cater for themselves. Everyone puts in a gold coin and gets coffee, tea and biscuits. We were invited to join them for their ride when we were in Broken Hill as you will see in this video clip. It may not have been a thrilling curving scenic ride, but it was a lot of fun to join these Broken Hill Bikers. We rode out along the Barrier Highway to a rest spot on the edge of the road for our break. Talking to the group we were able to find out about their rides and bikes.
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And Beachy didn't stop to pick up the goat to take home? I'm assuming by the tire marks on the road and the speed of some of the bikes that the past time up there is seeing what the machine can do. If I lived in the middle of no where I would be doing the same.

They are a great bunch of people with a large selection of assorted bikes.
Nice coverage Norman.

Lots of bikes, people, and fun. Nice video. I can't believe someone didn't stop and get the goat. That's would've been a interesting video

Annie was pillion with Beachy so I guess they did not have enough room.

And the guy on the pushie thought that all his Xmas's had come at once. A gold coin and he drank the billy dry and left with pocketfulls of bickies.

I quite enjoyed you videos taken on your visit to Broken Hill. I thought you did a good job of promoting Broken Hill by motorcycle (luv the added comments about the Ghost of Mad Max, WELL DONE.

to the owner of the name -chookietheteaan, I am sorry I was not watching, (did not see what the program was doing)
My Nicname is Chook - Chooka - or Chookie- I answer to all, email address is [email protected] once again my apologies. regards Chookie

Another great vid Norm. I loved it.

Thanks Norman ... they are licence losing roads! I would not have been able to help myself LOL

Yes it was hard to remain within the speed limit. I blew the cobwebs out a little but it was oh so tempting.

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