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2016 CCC Rally Mundi Mundi Lookout to Umberumberka Dam

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Our Groups ride from Mundi Mundi Lookout to Umberumberka Reservoir [Dam].

Mundi Mundi Lookout

Located about five kilometres West of Silverton, the Mundi Mundi Plains is a truly breathtaking place. Looking out onto the expansive Mundi Mundi Plains, it's a perfect spot to take in a sunset or picnic. The view must be seen to be believed. The wide, flat heart of the Australian outback extends seemingly forever. On a clear day the curvature of the earth can be seen. Of course, a lot of people have seen the area yet may not realise it, spotlighted as it was in the famous crash scene of Mad Max 2. Sharp-eyed explorers can even find old sets from the movie smattered around.

A filming site for Mad Max. Unfortunately Mel Gibson was not on site during our visit, nor any other of the cast or crew.

Umberumberka Reservoir [Dam]

Located nine kilometres West of Silverton, Umberumberka Reservoir continues to operate to this day. Open from 8.30am until 3.30pm every day, visitors can inspect the pumping station, view the reservoir and enjoy the picnic sites and gardens. Water was in short supply in Silverton's early days. Locals relied on household tanks, wells and nearby Umberumberka Creek for a drink. There was never a lot of rain.
While a flood in the creek did something to ease the problem in 1884, as did a public standpipe erected in the centre of town, Silverton was always dry place. These days the reservoir is a standby facility, adding to Broken Hill's main water supply.

We are glad it is only a standby source of water because it was bone dry for our visit. Dirt and dust!


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nice vid mate , looks like you all had a nice weekend with all the pic,s on ccc.. cheers , not sure of the end of this vid with the music lol

Another great vid Norman. We are the only ones in Holland having very smal roads as you showed by this vid.

What kind of camera do you have, because..... What a clear and steady vids you produce! Do you use moviemaker or what kind of program to produce your vids because you don't loose any quality downloading your vids! Great quality, very clear and steady!

I saw 4 vids now, never seen any little village or town or any possiblilty to get some gas.... only views, views, views of very empty land! That's so different for me to see.....

Thanks for the ride

Lee, one word, 'irony". Though, call me warped, I do love this type of country.

Gert, I use a Drift Ghost HD, though the Living Desert video was done with my Drift HD 720 as my Ghost was not working. The 720 does not have external microphone and is lower quality. I edited out any shots in and around Broken Hill itself and tried to concentrate on the views. I will leave some "town" / village footage in the next video I do early next week, showing part of Silverton.

Allen, my pleasure.

Wow that last stretch of road was a bit rough. How did you get such nice steady vid?

Nice vid our outback country too! Smiley-laughing

Valerie, The camera is attached to my handle abr with a ram mount, nothing else.

The ram mount is very stable. I have one and I really enjoy it

I find it all varies on position of where the camera is mounted on the bike and stability of the vids. My most stable ones are on my front engine guards, the handlebar tends to have a bit of vibration. There is no mounting space on the handlebar in the center.
- Much of that landscape is fairly similar to parts of Wyoming. Same thing, minimal towns, very few rest stops, just wide open space.

Great vid Norm, love the back country... Well done.

That was GREAT. The view looks like here except you have trees. Thanks

Great vid Normsn thanks for the memories

Great country wide open spaces and the CC family, well done Norman well done all.

Great stuff Norman!
I was shocked to see that dam bone dry as we were there a few years ago and it was chockers.

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