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2017 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT Walk-around review


Nice Bike!!

Your going to really like that bike. It has plenty of power and easy to ride. Sounds great and i like the color also. Thanks for the review..
Welcome from Washington State.

Welcome Dave. The Vulcans are an excellent bike. You will get many many years of trouble free srevice.

I have a 1600 Nomad and with 85000km on the clock and still runs as good as new.

Thanks for the review and ride safe

No professional, who CARE’s! That’s a nice vid showing your new bike. Congrats with your new bike and welcome to this site.

A brandnew bike like yours in Holland would be about double the price!!! 8000 Dollars is about 7.300 Euro, you can only buy a second hand bike about the age my bike for that money here and that’s somewhere between 7 and 10 years old depends on how the bike looks like, how many km’s and how its kept the years before...

About the backrest. I also have one what’s a bit high on my “new” bike and I didn’t like the looks of that. I even thought about to make it a bit lower, but watching your vid and listening to your comment about how easy it is to take a extra bag because it is a bit higher now I think I first let it the way it is... also a bit higher and let me first try how it works! So Thanks for this vid, maybe it opend my eyes to see the benifit of it! So showing a vid like you did can help others like you mentioned... I do have a Mustang seat and for as far as I tried it, it feels very comfortable but the riding season has to start here, so I can tell you more about it in a few months from now...

You bought yourself a great looking bike, great color as you say and it is a complete bike. Wish you many nice and safe rides and who knows.... some pics or maybe even riding vids to show us some of the countryside you normally ride around!

Dave I'm not a professional either. But I do the best I can. Nice bike. Thanks for the walk around

G'Day Dave - from Greg, in COOMA NSW Australia - You will like the VN900 even more after a few good rides - I have a 2009 VN900 Custom ... Great Bikes ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

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