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2017 Per trip for the bike ride to Yellowstone.

Watch on Vimeo

Hwy 37 Oregon just puting on the miles



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Those types of roads sure beat the hell out of interstate riding. Nice tune

These roads will be what we will be riding on. They won't affect the time we are on the road. No one uses these old hwys any more and they are well kept.

We'll be on interstate most of the way. That's the shortest and quickest route google had for us. Plus we want to get there. We can take our time on the way home if we want

I hope this winter did not tear up the roads in Wyoming to badly. They were pretty good the last time I was there 3yrs ago.

Me to. Never thought about that

Nice. Looks a lot like down here except your road is in better condition.

Agreed Steve. They look like great roads. You can give us a run down when you get back from your trip.

These roads are the secondary ones. The state still keep them in good shape. Most all the roads WA ,OR are in good shape.

Yeah Wayne ! You know how to enjoy them curves for sure ! Lol
Goodonya ! Smiley-laughing
The hillsides are very brown-coloured.
Is it early season or they are just dried out?

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