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2018 Harley Davidson Street Glide test ride

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Photo slideshow of my test ride with a Harley Davidson Street Glide



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It may not be you Tim but you do look the part...Lol!!

That one would be hard to see at night.

Thanks Dub! Probably comes from the fact I was born and raised in Milwaukee.

I agree Edwin, although it wasn't my choice of color. Would definitely have some other color and chrome and lights.

You can be like me and get bright yellow jacket and helmet and be like big bumble bee. I'm not a fan of the blacked out look. It does need a bit of chrome to offset some of the pieces.

... mount a stinger shaped sissybar, sew some oversized wings on my jacket. And then we need a flower ... hhmmm ... A fairing shaped like a flower, maybe a day glow purple tulip. Silly me, lol

Nice Bike Tim - I sure would like one but just cannot afford a new one just yet ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

Matte finish can be good and bad. You don't polish it. But don't scrub a stubborn dirt spot. Otherwise you'll have a bright spot in your matte finish.

Good to know Capt. Although I don't see myself buying a matte finish bike.

Looks very nice, how did the ride go?

Hey Wayne,
the ride its self was good. Very comfortable over country roads, could hardly feel any of the bumps. For long cruises I imagine it would be perfect. Unfortunately it didn't feel like this is MY bike. For me it felt a bit top heavy in comparison with my Intruder. The rep said it weighs a bit more than my Intruder, that probably a soft-tail would be a better fir for me. If I win the contest I'll try out a soft-tail model.

I think Kawasaki's, Yamaha's and Honda's are a lot lower in the saddle. My Stratoliner is a full 2 in lower than the HD Street glide. But the Stratoliner weighs just over 900 lbs it is a little heavier but sure does not feel like it. It feels like a 1200 cc bike the way it rolls around on the road and corners. Have a great week.

I couldn't agree more Wayne. I noticed the difference between my Intruder and the Street Glide. A lower center of gravity makes a big difference.

That's one awesome and mean looking Street Glide Tim. Cool slideshow.

Thanks! That was my first attempt at making a slideshow ever.

Tim continue to post pics and slideshows of your rides around Germany. Will give me something to reminiscence about.

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