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A 3 Hour Drive to Sweden.

Watch on Youtube

For Marek, Gert and Randy. I may may never make it to Sweden but I can get close. lol




Nice. Looks like somewhere I will have to go someday

The next town west is Marquette. I'm a small town, two lane country road addict. So many great places.

Isn't multiculturalism great.

I may never get to Sweden. Thanks for posting Eiwns

I didn't think there was anything in Kansas. I was wrong..

Only yellow brick roads, mad hatters and apparently little Sweden....LOL!!!

flat land, wheat fields, and of course Toto is not there anymore.

What a nice vid Edwin, I think there are still a few differences to start with the Climate over the year!!! LOL

Nice, almost like home. LOL I'm glad you like Sweden.

Ah, Kansas. Planning a road trip to Wamego. Home of the Oz Museum, the Yellow Brick Road and lunch at Tacoz. Then on to Linsborg and doing the tourist thing. Next, spend a nice slow visit to the motorcycle museum in Marquette. No definete dates but I'm working on it (FINALLY). Will stick to the country roads and slow my roll. lol

The fun of a nice holiday or ride sometimes starts already with only thinking or planning how to go or what to do Edwin!

To ride / drive there would probably cost me more than my actual trip to Sweden. My total cost was a shade under $2000. Need more CC members in the middle of the country so I'd have places to stay vs hotel rooms

That's about what my trip to Yellowstone will be. I gotta rob a bank or something so I can travel more

Sounds like a destination to me. Who knew !!! Maybe start CC member Bed and Breakfast stops. We got plenty to see here too.

Capt will definitely hit u up if I get on that side of the country Like I have said b 4. I have room to put up a few if out my way. Just need to b able to put up with 2 weiner hounds who think they r the center of attention

Same here Valerie

Looking forward to catch up too. Most doge are good for about 15 min. Then they don't care.

Thanks Edwin ... that was interesting. Years ago (many years ago, in fact) I travelled through Wisconsin and I was surprised by how strong the cultural links were with Scandinavian countries.

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