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4-28-18 ride with a friend

 Went to get cinnemon rolls 280 miles round trip 


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I though Wa. Had mountains.and.trees

Looks more like Saskatchewan... Flat and bare, with a few hills.

Val: no trees here and not for 200 miles in any direction. We have mountains they just don't have any trees.

That's a long way for cinnamon rolls. Bet the ride and rolls were good.

You must have been speeding. Joe didn't keep up, lol

Not many keep up with me. Joe is a little on the I'm not going to speed guy. I just have to slow down now and then.

Valerie, you have to get into western Washington to get mountains and trees. Eastern Oregon is much like the area around Wayne, small rolling hills and sagebrush.

What's with the excuse you had to go get cinnamon rolls? I didn't think one needed an excuse to go for a ride.

You need some reason if any one around will ride along. Not many will ride much over 80 miles round trip. Joe won't ask to ride with me for a long while. He got worn out. It will be three weeks before he even gets back on his Goldwing. Long ride for most these guys around here is 100 miles. This is why I ride alone 90% of the time.

I heard that....

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