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The 4th of May, memorial day in Holland...

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I noticed lots of interest in the second world war. I mean, your interest in soldiers and citizens who died fighting for others freedom and libaration, or because they were killed during the war. Look at the amount of views and comments on the vid I made about half a year ago, visiting Bill Bouchers uncle, who lost his life in 1945 for our freedom and is buried in Holland.    

Today, it's the 4th of May, that's the date we have memorial day in Holland for 72 years now... Tomorrow, the 5th of May it's our national Liberation day.


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I dont think America has ever gone silent. On May 29th we have our memorial day. The President places a wreath at the tome of the unknown soldier. There are parades and picknicks and lots of speeches all said to honor our fallen. But in reality most people now days just use it as an excuse to party. It's sad. Some of us though will be at the graves of our loved ones.

Yesterday, May 3rd was Polish Constitution Day. Local celebration will be Saturday with small parade and games for the kids, beer tent with live music and Polish food at the church.
Poland was the first country in Europe to establish a constitutional government. Russia, Prussia and Austria invaded and partitioned Poland.
Memorial Day in the US is dedicated to those who died while serving in the armed forces. Veterans Day is dedicated to all who have served. The Fourth of July is Independence Day.
My Dad was a Sargent in an armored division, Uncle Ben flew a B17, Uncle Walt was infantry, Uncle Barney flew a Hurricane in the RCAF. Dad served as a Post Commander in the American Legion for several years. I was fortunate to have been able to hear first hand accounts from men who served in WW2 and WW1.

In the US it is a recognized holiday. Meaning that most people get the day off work with pay. Like Valerie said to some a reason to party. My grandfather was in WWII. My dad was in Vietnam. Thank everyone that had served their country and is serving their country. Never forget those who have fallen protecting us

They gave their all for our freedom and ways of life. Never forget.

I my younger years Memorial Day was recognized by the National Ensign (US flag ) flown at half-staff until noon. Also the local American Legion would had some sort of program open to the public recognizing our fallen. I played many of concerts and marched in parades playing patriotic music for it.
All the above seems true today. How quick we forget. At least the Boy Scouts still put an American flag on each and every grave site of those who served around the area. I like your country's tradition. Very solemn.

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