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18 Wheelers...Pffft LOL

Watch on Youtube

It's not motorbikes but i thought some who aren't familiar with our "Road Trains" might like it.



I wouldn't know how a truck like that would take a Dutch roundabout! What a dust they produce, I don't think it's very comfortable when you have to overtake or even pass a truck like that! We don't have that sizes. That's by far not allowed on our roads.

Wow!!! We got nothing like that, that's allowed on our roads either.

WOW That's crazy cool!!!

Crazy cool. Very interesting

Tony.. Thanks for sharing... And thanks for still being here..
P.S. Yes... I would be happy to "fly" one of those things..

P.S. 2 - Say hello to the wife from me...

Nursezak says hello to you too, Marek....and yeah,i'm still here...lurking in the background. LOL

Just amazing, I've been to the outback many times and I hope I never come up against one of those mothers ever.

That last modular truck is unbelievable

What I wonder is how are the roads built there to withstand the weight of the long truck train? Here in the US, there are many weight limits per truck axle and many claim they are too lenient and that is what breaks up many of the roads here. I do know areas that have the extreme temperature ranges have more trouble as if there is a crack in the road, water gets in there and when it freezes it expands causing damage.
- Definitely don't want to try passing those guys.

That's all way to cool. Dig the modular system. That thing the sky is the limit. The truck needs almost no traffic roads. I would not want to pop over a hill and find that thing coming head on.

Remember ,these trucks don't run on our city roads. They only run through the very remote Outback areas where at times you can drive for hundreds of kms and not see another vehicle or person. The centre of Australia is quite different to the US. The US has a lot more small towns dotted throughout, even in the remote places. Over here we can travel hundreds of kms between towns, sometimes. We do however get B doubles (2 trailers) in the City areas all the time and on the outer areas of the City we get the occasional B Triple (3 Trailers)

Last look at a map all the cities are near the shore.

Yes the cities are . Lots of empty space in the middle LOL We only have 25 Million people in a country much the same size as the US.

When i went from Sydney to Perth on the bike.I saw a lot of double road trains and B triples. As a Truckie the biggest thing i have transported is the Bridge and Bridge winges of the HMAS Brisbane from Sydney to the war memorial in Canberra. so when you go down to visit the war memorial you can walk through the bridge as part of the displays down there.

Very interesting vid Tony , being a truck driver myself , like Gazza always interested at looking at BIG riggs .

The way thing are around here I'd like to make that number 25million and 2.

Thanks Tony ... great video. I have been wondering what it will be like overtaking B doubles and triples on dusty outback roads ... when you cant see what may be coming your way!!!!

Randy ... you raise an interesting point about the number of axles and wheels. Because of the damage to sealed road surfaces, our 'standard' semi-trailers (not sure what you call them in the USA) are 22 wheelers, not 18 wheelers ... one extra axle with four extra wheels at the end of the trailer.

They are called semi-trailers here also or 18 wheelers, yes some have the extra axle depending on the load they are carrying. I'm sure Joyce could weigh in here on all the rules and regs.

I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around seeing such a big truck and how someone mentions passing one!!! Holy Cow!!! I can't imagine the wind sheer coming off one of those!!

I think passing it is out of the question. Not unless you can call it on the CB radio. It would be like passing a 1036' container ship in a close harbor with a 40' water taxi. Not the best idea.

just hang back and let em go they'll be doing speed and you don't want to be in front the with them up you arse

True that

I think the same about that Spratty! I think it's the best to keep some distance....How do they say it? WIsdom comes with the years! LOL

Its, You like living...

If they are coming towards you then it is best to move over and stop while they pass. I have overtaken a few, in the past. Generally you will call them on the UHF radio and let them know you want to pass. They normally will give you the go ahead when it's safe to do it. Agreed don't want to be sitting too close in front of one. They can't and won't pull up quickly.

No doubt. Someone cuts him off there will be no way he can stop quickly.

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