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8th Annual Wild Hogs Ride - Day 5

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We travel to Mudgee for our last night stopover.



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Looks like it finished up with great weather. Glad to see everyone pitching their tents for the last night. well done Tezza

So it was an old guy for sure that nailed for speeding. I wanted to hear his argument that he was not doing anything wrong. Of course I will let you record me when I get caught for speeding. I'm like Sammy Hagar, I just can't ride 55 (or 88.5 kph). Maybe they let me off for being a goofy foreigner thinking I'm messed up the sign interpretations. Right.

The sun reflecting off the windshield makes for a nice effect. Glad you guys didn't get caught speeding. Nice video and tunes

Cool vid Tezza. Looked nice and cozy at the campsite.

We had a great steak at the pub.
The ride is nearly over now. :(

Good Ride Guys - Almost felt like I was there ....
Cheers - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL -
frostbite (Greg)

Another great ride and vid tezza , what a great week it was for all of us .

Thanks guys. Eight years and still loving it.

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