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8th Annual Wild Hogs Ride - Day 6

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Homeward bound after an adventure filled holiday with great mates.



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Two things I found when editing all the videos.
1) Vibration was worse because I had the GoPro set on the narrow setting.
2) I will never video behind a windscreen again. It had too much reflection and createdmore vibrations at higher speeds.
I hope everyone enjoyed the videos and the Wild Hogs would like to wish all CC members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks Terry that was an amazing ride, loved every bit of it. Can't wait again for the next ride. An I would also like to wish all CC member's across the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year say safe and upright. To you and your families all the best.

Well that's it, all done until next year.
Thanks for the great videos Tezza!

Thanks guys. When doing the video's, I get to virtually ride it again.

Watched it on the big screen through Vimeo direct and it was great.

Got watching some of your older videos Tezza and really enjoyed your first upload in 2012 of the CCC rally in Canberra, wow it was a good turn out, lots of bikes.

You've certainly produced some vids.

Well done on capturing all those wonderful memories.

Thanks Dave. I put a lot of the videos on a USB stick and watch it on our 60" screen. It's great to go back and check out the good times.

Well Done - Another Good Ride Guys - Maybe next year for me .... too far away to worry about now ...
Cheers - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL -
frostbite (Greg)

Well done!! I'd sure like to be able to be there and ride with you guys!!

Yes the windscreen does produce reflections. Depending on the bike that may be the best spot for least vibration. Until we get the drone that can match speed and bike to follow us, there will always be slight vibration. I still greatly enjoyed them as it is better than looking out the window at gray skies, chilly temps. I was watching these while waiting to the garage heater to get the garage a bit warmer to go do some woodworking.

Thanks guys.
Randy, a drone that follows just overhead and behind would be awesome. I'm glad you like them. Do you watch on a big screen?

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