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9th Annual Wild Hogs Ride - Day 6 - Final Day

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Homeward bound.



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Well done Tezza what a great adventure another WH finished and ready for the next. Again special thanks to Cliffy and yourself for making this and all the other Wild Hog trips very special , they are memories forever.

Well done Tezza, Cliffy and all the other WH9 cohorts!

That is a great perview of next year.11 months and counting.

Cliffy is determined to make THIS years ride epic. No pressure.....

Thanks Tezza for providing all of these great memories for us. After 9 Wild Hogs in and around New South Wales and Victoria trying to find roads and routes we havn’t been yet is becoming more of a challenge.

Great viewing tezza on all 6 vids , thanks for putting your time and effort into saving a part of all our Hogs adventurers .
Thanks also to our fellow Hog and McDonald’s buddy Cliffy for all his time and effort in doing all the ground work . Maybe as a treat for the 10th Anniversary Wild Hogs ride we might visit just 1 McDonald’s for a coffee , a cliffy ?
Bring on WH10 ...

Maybe 1 maccas.

I keep thinking it’s a drive past and not a drive through.

Hi Terry - Looks like you guys had nice sunny conditions for the ride homeward ... Thanks so much for the Vid series, and I am looking forward to the Next WH Ride 2019 ... and Looking forward to meeting Wayne (Scruffy) for the event .... and saying G'Day to those that I met this year - Tremendous Effort by everyone for taking part, with Special Mention to Cliffy & Yourself Terry - Thanks for the Memories ... (I want More of them) ...
See Ya'll on the Next Adventure ...
Ride Safe ...

It was great to finally catch up with you even though it was only for a brief moment. Look forward to catching up again.

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