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Julie and I bought some accessories for the Goldwing. They finilly came in. We installed them today. Done it by ourselves. I was worried about the luggage rack, but we did it. Well we'll see after our first ride, lol. If everythig stays on we did it



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A bit of bling sure makes a big difference. Good job!!

So true Bill. Thanks

Ok so now we know where your tax return went LOL

Yeah, it took both of ours, lol

Ok... There's only ONE thing missing - jacuzzi !!!


Lol, I'll see what I can do about that

Very nice Allen .. all set up for a long trip. Liked the music too!

Thanks Vardy. We're going to Yellowstone in June. Gonna meet some CC members there

Strap Julie on. She may fall asleep crossing the planes

Lol. We'll look for a seatbelt

Great job Allen and looking good.

Thanks Tezza

Job well done Allen and Julie. She is a beauty. Enjoy the trip, looks like it will be done in luxury.

Thanks Ray. We're sure gonna try

Looks great. Job well done, it always means more to you when you do it yourself

Plus saved a lot of money

Better save your $$ for Yellowstone. Looks really nice and the rack will come in handy.

Thanks Wayne. We got $$ for Yellowstone.

I just bought a new seat for the ride to Yellowstone. The stock ones are ok but not much back support. Now I should be able to get 6-10 hrs riding in before My back side gets tired.

All the stock seats I've had, I couldn't get off the bike quick enough, lol

So Wayne, you are saying you will arrive at Yellow Stone with a happy hinny Smiley-laughing

It will be very Happy. I may not have that 5step back anymore. I plan on a couple 10 hr days. I am in the process of making a backrest for it. I am trying to keep up with Allen on the Accessorizing.

Your form of keeping up with the Joneses LOL

YOU BET... It is kind of fun getting stuff for the best toy ever. Take care VAl

Wayne, I've seen some of your work. I'm trying to keep up with you

A contest !! cool what 's next?? I got to make a rack for Big Red now that the rear seat is gone. Have to figure a pattern and get it powder coated black.

There's the difference Scruffy. You make your accessories, and I buy mine. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with

I have the prototype almost ready for the package tray. Pictures tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing it

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