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After today´s ride

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Hope this ride was without rain. A little Hiney is a good way to finish anything!
I hope to make a ride through Bandera, Kerville, Fredricksburg, Luckenbach and Boerne, TX in August.

Lol. Y'all are crazy

When in August GD

Aug 17-19 my wife has a conference at Eilan Hotel on La Cantera Pkwy.
I was just mapping a route through your neck of the woods...oops forgot Medina.

When do you go on your MEGA TRIP to Colorado and beyond?

July 31 to August 8.

Love those gloves. Way to go guys. Good on you Valerie. Nice video as well

Well done guys. Those gloves will be on for awhile I'd imagine. Smiley-wink

LOL Well done all of you ! Cheers ! Smiley-laughing

I like Heineken one day I would like to drink one with you two.

Two trained professionals and thanks for the training video..

It is so good to see these two guys together again in film! They are a hoot. In America Producers would want to make you guys a Housewives of Beverly Hills etc.......The Two Boys from Northern Europe!

I'd watch that

Me Too ! Biggrin

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