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Alternative to riding... Month Contest Video.

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Gert, my friend....
You are the true VIDEO MASTER !!!!!
I salute Your talent!!!

Wow your an artist too??!! What don't you do!!

Holy smokes, a masterpiece. The insight brought to the screen of what the mind is going through not being able to ride. What misery you go through all winter. Good thing man's best friend is there to keep you company. Do I even bother to enter. Hell yes as I need to counter that deep scary side with some humor.

Brilliant mate. Get your bike back and have a ride NOW.

Brilliant!! But you better go for a ride now.

Nominees for the best Director of Psychological Thriller Movies are....Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Speilberg and Gert- Bloody Idiot....Freaky dark stuff Gert,,,well done....Whatever you do don't let a psychologist get their hands on this video, they might just want to study you...or give you a white jacket!!!...LOL

Dub, that'd just make him feel at home. LOL.

The eye ball glasses cracked me up!

What eye ball glasses Erik? That is just Gert after one too many drinks.

He he he


Thanks all for your comments..... I'm sorry maybe it's a bit dark and bitter humor with the great sounds of Alfred Hitchcock's movie music......

Let me tell you this Val, you can buy that "original made by GertNL masterpiece paintwork" for only 5000 Euro, and I'll personally bring it to you! LOL

Well Gert, If I had 5000 Euro I surly would just to get you and Simone over here for a visit. Smiley-laughing

Just joking Valerie, who in the world would pay me anything for my incredible paintings?! LOL

Gert please please make sure you are never without your bike ever again. Well done but a bit scary

OMG Gert from a toothpaste tube to this! Look what you have become an artist in all areas unreal

Seriously good Gert! Bravo !

OK... I saw it again... Sooo...
Exactly... Why didn`t Ya win?...


ok the thumb sucking made me giggle a lot....funny

Great movie re-run!

I agree Peter. I miss the video contests.

Me too

I miss a lot we used to do. And some of the people who used to be here

They were fun to watch. It is sad that things have to change. I still watch all the videos here. It is good seeing all the great places all you guys ride.

Watching my older vids huh??? LOL... Well, enjoy! Like I did producing them and watching the vids others did. Lots of fun at that time! Yes, I mis it also. (I even have to think more writing English as I don't it that often anymore!). I'm still here, not that often but I'm still alive...

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