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Amsterdam through my eyes

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Very nice production Marek. Glad to see through your eyes. Was this your new Magix?

Great effects. New program??

WooooooooW MaaaaaaaaaN ............ That's the clearest video I've ever seen man !!!!!!! LOL .
You two bloody idiots , awesome vid mate . Like Bill said great special effects .

Oh you mean it was editing that created this look - I assumed it was just the state of your mind while in Amsterdam, a bit of psychedelicae blur and a general stoney look. What was that hand made cigarette Gert was!!!
I like the Reggae version of the Amsterdam national anthem......Heyyyy Mannnn excellent vid, i've got the munchies now!

Dub, editing heck, That was really through his eyes after a drank some strange brew in the coffee shop and took a whiff of the surrounding air.

Randy, you sure he didn't smoke some brew in the coffee shop?

From Gert's and Marek's prior video, there was enough smoke in the air not to need to smoke any yourself

Dude, you either need to see a doctor or start checking what your dope is treated with before smoking it....

Had to be some Acid in that joint, bro !
But TWO ... in the morning ....????? WTH ??
Have you landed yet ??
Very Cool Production! Smiley-laughing

Ahhh the 60s

You miss them Val ??

Heck yes. No responsibility, great job diving for Dade County Marine Biological Station. Eating lobster whenever I felt like catching it. Good friends. Great music and fantastic drugs. Who's wouldn't miss it: )

Then I grew up and discovered there is a lot of bad things in the world

Yes, it is a serious game we`re playing here on the earth!
No worries though !
It`s not like we`re going to get out of here alive anyway ! None of us !
We`re very lucky to have found our Bikes and are able to ride them !

Very cool production Marek! I'm sorry you had to inhale all those different tastes of smoke during our walk, specially in some neighborhoods of Amsterdam! Smiley-wink

Our visit to the capital city Amsterdam, brought me some memories I'll never forget! I remember your face, watching around along the canals. The very old buildings (never standing in a straight line), the use of drugs and joints in open air and in special coffee shops. The red light district, the squares, the Kings palace and the Liberty ornament.... The hot food taken out of the wall, the big amount of bicycles everywhere around you, the very narrow streets, the atmosphere in the city..... Strange, but very friendly in its own way.....

I'm glad we've been there together and I think we had a great day. It's what you said when you arrived at our place and we discussed about what you wanted to see during the few days in Holland. "Show me around, because everything is new for me, but one thing.... I would like to see Amsterdam." Well, we did.

Nobody can say: "I saw the Netherlands, because I visited Amsterdam, but you didn't see Holland as long as you didn't visit Amsterdam...."

Thanks again for our great day together in that Grazy little town!

After reading your comment Gert, I understand Marek's video. I thought that he was hallucinating.
Nice effects Marek.

no time for watching this... have to pack and experience...

Lol !
Way to Gooo Alec !
Put on them phsychedelic shades and enjoy ! Smiley-laughing

Marek, I'm sorry, I missed following your Dutch trip on CCC.
I believe you did not have only beers there but smoked as well and not necessarily cigarettes.
I'm happy to see you so happy Smiley-laughing

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