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Annie & Beachy's Wedding - The Washbrook version.

Watch on Vimeo

This is a short clip taken at Beachy & Annie's Wedding on Saturday 8th March 2014. The wedding was not announced to any of us, merely that we were going on a ride for a special event. As a result none of us were dressed for a wedding, nor had we bought any gifts etc. Some of us had been throwing some friendly stirring at Beachy that the special event was actually them getting married, we even threw out that Annie would be in white leather. Obviously this was harmless fun though as it turned out very accurate.

Anyway we were honored to be invited to this "secret" wedding. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

I have only added the bridal party to the list of members [and me of course], mainly because I could not think of everyones member name so thought I would not offend anyone if I left virtually everyone off and up to them to tell me to add. PM me and I will add you to the list.


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That was a great vid Norman!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this vid Norm

Great video and nice tunes.

Nice vid Norman, well done.

That's a beauty of a vid Norman! Great choice of music, and a nice way of showing the ride and the wedding!

Nice one Norman. These vids and photos just keep coming. Loving it. Annie & Adrian must have the most published wedding in history

I was just thinking that Kel!

This is a perspective that we would not have seen so it is good to have that as well, now I feel like I was part of the procession as well as the wedding.

Thanks Norman!

Ps I'd give you a man hug but.... Smiley-wink

Excellent video Norman. Loved the music and look forward to some more.

Beachy, now you know I am not a hugger. I have all the extra raw footage of the ride which you are welcome to if you want. You 2 will certainly get a variety of footage for your wedding.

Nothing wrong with a man a little...just don't tell Deebs. Lol

That was so good Norman, I especially enjoyed watching the footage of the ride there, and the choice of music was lovely!
......and I realise how special getting a big 'voluntary' hug from you on the day was!! Biggrin

Great video Norman...

Truly a great event and well documented! thanks

Great work mate!
Good description as well.

Excellent vid Norman and wasnt it a grand event and a good choice of music

Thanks Norm. This way we're all able to be a part of Annie & Beachy's big day.

My pleasure. I chose the "Chick" music as I thought Annie would appreciate it.

Thanks Norman..... I did!! Biggrin

Annie is NOT a "chick" anymore....

She´s a Woman now.. You know...

Marek, I did not call her a chick, merely the music "chick" music meaning music that the fairer sex would like and appreciate. I would never presume to insult Annie, Beachy Yes but Annie No.

I do like the Pulp Fiction dance scene that your link goes to however I am not sure of its relationship to "Chick" or woman, call me a Troglodite but I do not get the reference.


That's easy mate, when Annie isn't pole dancing or doing Gangnam that is how she dances!

Ohh crap that is going to come back to me!

You just shot yourself in the foot son. Smiley-laughing

Even though you didn't call me a 'chick' Norman, I wouldnt mind, I would even consider it a compliment......especially if it had 'hot' in front of it!! Biggrin lol

As for Beachy's comment..........people in glass houses!!!

I think you dance great Annie!

Annie, your a hot chick. (Did I earn some brownie points?)

Beachy, only married a few weeks and you say something like that, how long will you stay married?

Hopefully I made up for my faux par with last nights dinner

Bill......thanks ! Biggrin

Norman........lots of Brownie points Biggrin

Adrian........definitely redeemed himself last night when I came home to a dinner of Moussaka (home grown eggplant ) followed by fresh fruit salad and cream!!

So he didn't get Maccas. Smiley-wink

No, he was slaving over a hot stove while I was running around town trying to find some exhaust clamps for him! Smiley-wink

Annie will that help him after Moussaka. the exhaust clamps ? They never helped Tezza!!

Lol.....Anything's worth a try ! Smiley-wink

Top job!
Great vid Norman!

If he served up eggplant to me he would be in trouble, I hate eggplant, a little too healthy for my palette.

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