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Another don't follow me Vid

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Just out ridding the back roads


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Looks like nice weather to get lost in

It was. A bit windy ( I know how you hate wind) but fantastic temp and blue skies

Yeah, I really don't care for it much

Looks like a good place to get lost.

Seems you had a good ride no bumps and you got to see every thing too.. Be safe..

Just gotta stay in one piece till after June Smiley-laughing

How about all year.. With your new eyes you can see the road RIGHT...

/well I will once I get my new glasses. That should be next week. Still ridding with one lens from my old set LOL

OK be real careful OK..

I am. Thanks

This year would be nice when you could stay healthy Val... that would be a big change and good surprise!

Nice ride and vid. Beautiful roads. All green besides the roads, blue sky... maybe a bit to much wind (I realy hate it!) but it was for sure a nice ride!

It is nice to see some Green Country - everything here has dried off and frosts coming soon - we got down to just under 0*C the other morning and heading for the Minus 8, 10, 12 *C range with winter coming up .... I am getting to hate winters but at least we don't get anything like the huge dumps of snow like is what happens in the northern hemisphere .... I would have to carry a flask of SCHNAPPS (?) on me for Anti-Freeze Smiley-laughing
Nice Ride Val -
Cheers & Ride Safe .....

Stay warm and sober Frostbite

I didn't feel any wind at all following you and I'm not lost, my wieners still found me at the end of the ride.

I wouldn't care if I got lost on those roads Val.
I enjoyed that ride and the music was soothing.

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