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Another Drunk

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I went with Tracy on a relaxed evening ride - we came across this crash. Around the next turn there was a wallet and keys laying on the side of the road. We turned around to give it to the cop and it belonged to the driver of the car that crashed. He was doing 100mph an hour on this twisty 25mph road - drunk!
If we would have been there a bit earlier he might  have taken us out ...
Damn drunks ...



I drive for a living, the things I've seen. Damn Drunks...

Lucky for you, always good to arrive a little later but safer.

addiction knows no limits, even after killing someone, it's sometimes not enough to sober one up to get help.

zero limit


Some people just have air-space inside where their brains should be......

Like you said brother Uwe, "Damn Drunks."

Pity this is not an isolated occurance.

Not good. Even with a constant blitz on drink drivers here, there are still a lot that don't learn.

I NEVER will be able to comprehend "WHY" !!!!!

That's just it James. When intoxicated all reasonable thought goes out the back door. If you drink, stay the hell off anything that has a motor in it.

My wife and I share the driving 50:50, I drive there, drink if I want to and she drives home. Works perfectly. Never been over the limit in 31 years of holding a licence. Having 4 guys from my school wrap themselves around a power pole drunk when I was 18 certainly drove home the issue to me. I still remember it.

good on you, Norman,
I rode my 50cc bike drunk when I was 16 and crashed it into a ditch. Didn't get hurt and didn't damage the bike much but it sure was a good lesson for me

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