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Another "Woman behind the man", video.

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Polssken asked for it and i'm man enough to face the challenge ...LOL... So here is one that i did a couple of months ago for Christmas.


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Very cool tribute Tony. You're a very lucky man.

So thats the other person you cook for tony ,xx

Lovely vid Tony with so many wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.

Great photo of you two at the end. Handsome couple.

I only cook for "special" people, Hagar. Smiley-wink

What a great tribute Tony! Very nice vid!! Wish you both many more years to come!!!

Wow nicely done!

Awesome photos Tony. The perfect couple.

Great job there Tony

Wow you love sick guy, beautiful vid mate, great memories and many more to come for the both of you, well done...

Well Tony what can I say, that was very moving, a great tribute to the love of your life.Karen hope you didn't mind Tony sharing your memories with our community, sometimes we take our partners for granted and don't relise the rock and glue in our lives is a woman. Congrat's to you Tony, thanks.

That´s so sweet Tony!

To you others: Yes, we should pay more attention and more tribute to our women... I know I will....

Yes, it has always been know to me that behind the great man is an even greater women. And they usually don't get the recognition. Nicely done.

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