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The answer to the ultimate question.

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No its not the answer to the meaning of life, and it not to which bike is better. (we already know its my bike...lmao)
Thisis to a much more serious question. One that has baffled some of the best minds I know. So watch in full screen mode and you will find the real answer to the question thats been eating away at all of you for so long. enjoy.


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Rain sucks, for sure. I don't start out in the rain. But I have been caught out in it and your right it hurts like hell. Then when you have that kind of wind, doesn't help either

you get caught in the wind around here find something to hang on to fast. I been haulin along at 70 to 80 mph here. and caught a cross wind that literally blew me over in to the next lane before I could turn in to it. I was going across Idaho a few years ago in a min van this guy passed me on a crotch rocket he caught a head wind and a crosswind almost simultaneously it brought him to a sudden stop and just laid him over like folding a sheet of paper. it was that quick.I almost hit the guy. just glad it didn't happen in a dust storm.

That is why I like it here. It only rains 4 in a year maybe 6 on a wet year. Most our days are hot and dry. I think it rained in May for a couple hrs. I have been under the bridge waiting for the wet stuff to stop.

I can't imagine anybody likes riding in rain specially heavy rains like you showed by this vid.....

Wayne you must be on the eastern side of WA. because I've been on the western coastal edge and they don't get the heavy down pours like we get it does get drizzly damp a lot of the time in he fall winter and spring.

Yea Gert its abut 50 feet from my front door to where I park my bike. and there have been storms where it poured so hard I couldn't see my bike in the parking lot while looking out my front door.

Those kind of heavy rains we don't have that often but talking about amounts of water... Here it rains, mostly by showers all year around!!! LOL it happens we have a few dry days but it doesn't happen that often it's more a few days!

yea but over where yo are don't you get alot of fog and drizzly weather.

I've ridden in rain like that. Not nice at all.

Hey Tezza according to Kevin (Bloody) Wilson it don't rain in

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