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Applegate in the rearview

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was the perfect day of 65 degrees, blue skies, no wind, (hopefully this is what heaven is like)



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Definitely needed the shades. Nice view and music

You're living an a great spot of our globe Randy, what a great roads to ride... That's the kind of weather I like most! Sunshine, blue sky and not too much wind, great weather conditions to go for a ride.... You did the polishing job very well, couldn't find any spot on your mirror!!

Now I know why Marek where's sunglasses all the time. He needs them to watch these vids. Protecting his eyes from that harsh yellow blob that he sees so little of. Or could be something else? This is the video I like making, no editing, just pop it in, load, and produce. About 10 minutes total.

Magical rear end ride thanks Randy. I'm with you about the editing. just load and play. Great music score as well. Glad the weather is improving.

Looked like heaven to me Randy.

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