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For Arild

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Just some junk footage from before I got my wide angle camera. Arild and I were talking about buffalo and I was telling him about this cow and calf. So BIG!!! I don't ever want to get any closer than this



Yeah, you wouldn't want one of those knock you off your bike.

They are good to eat !!

Yes. That's close enough...

they are real good to eat. The things will just go after you for no reason at all. That is what we think. Have a friend that raises them and they don't play nice not like good old cows. They are tasty.

That's surely close enough, no protection at all sitting on a bike... and you never know with those animals...

Definitely close enough for me.

Note: 2 key elements in this. 1)NO loud noises, sorry for you Harley riders. 2) watch the tail. 3) if the tail is up and they are looking at YOU, better be in first gear and ready to hit full throttle. Also not spin around faster than a horse. THAT IS FAST, trust me I have ridden and been around cow working horses.
Warning: Bison are wild animals and can be dangerous if provoked. They can run up to 35 miles per hour and spin around faster than a horse. Always view them at a distance and give them the right-of-way if encountered on a trail or the road. When bison are in the road, be patient, stay in your vehicle, and observe them quietly. On trails, make a big detour around them, move slowly, and avoid making loud noises. Keep dogs under control at all times; wild animals are often nervous when dogs are nearby and bison may charge if dogs are too noisy or too close. If a bison raises its tail, especially if the tail is straight up in the air, a charge may be imminent.

Now for the SILLY question: We are going to Dubois WY to meet up, then ride to Yellowstone National Park where these bison live. WHAT have I gotten myself into. Just remembered, nothing to worry about. Bird is way quieter than any other bikes I be with. besides the bison will just think the sun is setting low when they see the yellow blob.

You never know what they'l do to protect their young.

That's close enough for me as well

randy, It sounds as you have been there done this. I still remember a video of tourist trying to get a close up of one even after they were warned. And got there asses thrown though the trees.

No Capt, I just learn from other people's mistakes and do a bit of research. Most animals have a bit of a warning signal they give before they attack, the shark on the other hand, I don't think that one has been figured out.

Randy ... just make sure you have other bikes between you and the Bison!

I'm not stopping for those critters. I'm just rolling on by. If I have the need for a picture I'll get a post card.

Peter, it is like this, when hiking in grizzly bear country, you just make sure you have several people with you that are much SLOWER than you are.
Wayne, yes you will be stopping for them if the whole herd decides to cross the road about the time you are passing through. Just need to keep the distance and be prepared to camp out. They may decide that piece of ground is the bedding down spot for the next few hours to days.

Then you turn around and head the other way.

And yes, there is that. So the only bike that doesn't back down is an Indian?

With sharks don't splash around in the water. Especially if there in sight. If your SCUBA diving just stay put and chill out. It might come over and check you out. try not to make any brash moves. People get in trouble by making a mad dash to the surface.
Your right Randy, Most animals will let you know your in there space. Even GD snakes.

I let people know there in my bubble some differently than others and depending on the circumstances

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