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August Video Contest - My Favourite Gloves

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10 minutes of videoing and 10 hours of editing. 


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Very nice Tezza. Your winter gloves look comfortable. Nice magic trick

So now your into Black Magic. LOL. Nice looking gloves Tezza.

LOL that was great!!

Magic Tezza awesome I need a pair of those

My idea is still safe, need to hurry up and get it made so no one steals it or I will be really pissed off. Not a good time to procrastinate when big money is on the line.

Get down to Aldi Tezza they have more on sale. You probably already been, sorry. LOL. one can't have to many gloves.

Got enough gloves Ray but got myself a bike cover at Aldi.

I'm looking for ones that fit for a bike with screen. Too date can't find any. Hope to get to Aldi tonight for a jacket, if any left. Check out Anaconda - Spinifex tent Shoalhaven 4 man x 175 cm H $99.99 save $90

Nice Job Tezza as always. Can you make things disappear.

Thanks guys.
Ray, I've got my 4 man for the next wild hogs. I wont have to get on my hands and knees to get in and out.
Gazza, I can make beer and Bourbon disappear.

We should get together and work on that Tezza

Right Gaz. Improvements needed. Smiley-wink

Tezza "The wizard" strikes again!!!!

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