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Aussies in the SNOW

Watch on Vimeo

Stopped for a snow ball fight . On our way to Yellowstone Wy. The music just for fun


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That was fun to watch. Winter in Australia, Steve and Trish fit right in. Valerie can move for sure. Nothing wrong with Beach Boys

Randy can throw real good

Y'all are too much!

Finding a tree in the snow makes yellow spots Wayne!!! LOL

This is a very nice vid! I enjoyed watching you guys having fun together...

Yes I warned Steve and Trish about the yellow snow. It was a good thing I was aiming to just miss. Didn't want to take advantage of the non-snow people. Growing up in South Dakota in the snow, we usually didn't miss as we got a lot of practice. I primed the fun by tossing the first snow ball before filming started.

That was fun!
Thanks for posting Wayne!

It was FUN. I had a good time riding through Yellowstone park

Nice vid of you guys having fun.

too funny!

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