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Ausssies and Japanese at the Grand Tetons, WY

Watch on Vimeo

Wayne, Steve, Trish, and I stopped to check out the scenery of the Grand Tetons.  One of the Japanese tourists asked if they could take a picture standing by the bikes.  Wayne said go ahead and sit on it.  The precedence was sent, thus the whole bus took turns.  Made their day.  I think they like blue and white bikes more than red and maroon.


Own Video: 


Funny mate, I have a heap of these type photos. Might have to wait until we get home.

The Japs will take every chance, lol. Great you let them have a photo opp.

That clip was fantastic.

Great vid Randy. Beautiful scenery and it's great to see CC members from all areas getting together.

It's too bad we didn't keep a running video. We were there for about a half longer than we probably would have been because they all wanted to have a pic of sitting on the bike with the Tetons in the background. If we had charged $10 dollars per pic, Steve and Trish would have had their trip paid for.

How cool!!!

What a wonderful little vid Randy! I really like those vids watching not only the ride and surroundings but also to see the friends having a good time together!

It was a great time. We must have had a 50 or more set on the bikes. We needed a rest any way. They had fun. Life is too short with out fun

You said it Wayne

Thanks Randy ... that was great.

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