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Back on the site and after 6 passes in Alps

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Hi everyone!
I'm back to our site. Don't think I was not riding, I was and actually quite a lot. In last 2 years I made 18 000 km (11 200 miles) on my tourer (VFR 1200).
This short (hm... 10 minutes) video is about my 2 days ride at the end of 2017 in 6 passes in Alps. I enyojed it very much.



Good to see you back Martines. And what a production!! Such beautiful scenery and the roads... a motorcyclists dream come true!!

Great video Looks like a great place to ride. Thanks for the ride..

Welcome back Martines. We missed you.
You've captured a selection of beautiful country sides and places along the way.
The roads look nice and a lot of us would never get a chance to ride them.
Straight to Favorites so I can dream.
Great video as usual.

So glad you are back. Yes I have been wondering what happened to you and whether you were still riding and skiing. Like Tezza, to my favorites, yes I am drooling, don't need to twist my arm to make me want to come over and ride there. Always admired the cleanliness of Switzerland when we visited there back in 84-87 when we lived in Germany.

Thanks guys.
Actually, I'm thinking about changing my monster Honda VFR 1200 X into a 4 wheel scooter (Qadro 4). It means that I'd give up with rides to mountains and continue only with commuting :(
Still thinking....

So good to see you back!!!
You sure do live in a beautiful place

Keep the honda and add the qadro 4 to the toy club.

I agree, the best would be to keep both, but it is also about money, so I'm not sure yet. bucket list just got larger....thats fantastic views

Welcome back, good to see your back. Nice production of photo's and riding

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