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Barneveld on a early Sunday morning... Similar to the Mormons?

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Few months ago I had skype with Marek and we talked about everything and nothing..... like we always do. On a moment the subject was the sundaymorning. Sleep a little longer after a few drinks on Saturday or, like many people in Barneveld..... go to the church. I told Marek about my village and some really old fashioned churches we still have here. Old fashion in the way of the clothes they wear, because it's still not allowed for them to own or watch television. (My neighbors at the other side of the road go to this church and I know they watch TV on Internet, because the children need a computer for school so they do have computers and my neighbor likes to see football (soccer). It's oke...... As long as the minister of the church doesn't know! Smiley-wink ). For woman it's not allowed to wear trousers etc. etc... Lots of rules....  I promissed Marek to make a vid to show him the early Sunday morning in my village. Well.... here it is, with respect, although I chose another way of life...

(Watch the vid on YouTube 1080 HD for better quality).


Own Video: 


great video thanks for sharing . lots of people riding bikes. do they ride them all the time or just to church on sunday

Thanks Gert. I love seeing the different buildings and how well kept peoples yards are. So many people on bikes and walking. If the did that here they would be all full of sweat by the time they got to church.

Nice vid Gert. Boy lots of bikes all over, guess it's cheaper than driving. Footpaths? I thought it was just another road. LOL.

Maybe more space on the road, but it appears you have to stop way more often to let all the bikes and pedestrian traffic go by. My idea of church is being outside with just me and the creator. I respect religion just like biking, each to their own likes.

Ours is a bit informal. Nobody wares a tie. As a matter of fact ware what you want. Just getting to gather as one big family to worship together. And were not the only ones that own motorcycles and ride them there.

It´s soooo different from Sweden... Swedes also go to church , but in that manner... To see such pictures you have to go to Poland to small villages...
On the other hand - you have all roads for yourself!

Great Video Gert. Great to see different walks of life.

Bob, the paddle bike is very often used in Holland, but I have to agree. Some of them, specially the adult man only use the bike on Sunday.

Capt. As we have about 20 different churches in our village, not every church is the same. We also have churches they just go to visit in jeans and even shorts! This is the most "heavy" one I showed on this vid but it's also the biggest one in my village.

Still 20 churches must cover every religion out there.

Thats good Gert it makes lots of room on the road for you to ride. Nice to see the different ways ppl dpend their leisure time

Thanks for that tour Gert .... as others have said, always great to learn about the way of life of other people around the world.

Your last comment in your text says it all ... with respect although I chose another way of life. Live and let live and accept diversity.

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