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Waiting for the traffic to die out. We found a nice bar and had a few nice tall cool BEERS


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Phill looking for BEER. Drew, Phil, Randy,Uwe and his girl me behind the scenes. Found the bar up the street.

I tried to listen the discussion, istn't it make you guys grazy? I mean... All those different rules and laws in the same country only by riding in different States? Why isn't there one law for the whole country? Is Uwe that tall or are you guys all that small? I mean, he looks like a giant on this tape! LOL

Nice vid Wayne, it's always so nice to see a vid during a stop because it shows the people going for that ride and heaving a good time together!

Uwe is that tall. The bike laws are very different from state to state. But when you travel to any other state you bike is exempt from that state laws well except the helmet law. Some require it then and some don't. But Phil is extra short.

Phil had a good idea, BEER, lol. Nice to see you all together

WE had a great time with each other. Phil can put them down.

The beer thing comes from being down here. It is classified a sport here. We are all sportsmen!

Gert, Uwe is even taller than I, he is around 6 feet 5 inches. ~ 196 cm. Wayne is not telling the whole truth, "we" did not include Drew, Tracy, and I. "We" had water. "They" had the beer.

That makes me a sportsman too.

That'll come in handy!

Lots Of breweries around here. 100's of wineries too.

I may not go home!

That's ok Steve, we could keep you, you just don't want to be a Mexican crossing the border without proper papers.

We could do a little wine run and hit a few wineries before Yellstone

Trish doesn't drink. I make up for her.

Interesting discussions both on the video and beer.

Steve,I have plenty for the both of us. You two will just have to ride around in the 57 Olds with us. The weather is very nice by them.

Sweet! I feel like we are being too spoilt!

nice little gathering

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