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Beka & Booger - my Sept pet's contest


Pair of cute spoiled trouble makers. LOL.

Correction Bill, only one trouble maker and that is Booger.

Takes after his dad then. LOL.

Nice video. Looks like there full of energy and get along well

Home, I don't know much about Phoenix. He was a nice looking dachshund, he was tan. Beka takes after the father. Booger took after his mother, Bella (she was black and tan)

LOL I love to watch them run they look like they are really working at going fast but because their legs are so short they ain't going all that fast. Why the name Booger.... That little guy should be called Jeb or something along that line..LOL

Booger got his name from the breeder. He was in some mischief as a puppy and she caught him in the act. She said you little booger and he came running towards her as if that was his name thus she called him Booger from then on. Beka started out as Ruth Ann.
Even though they have shorts legs, they can move fairly fast. I love watching their ears flap about as they run.

Those two are way more fun and cuddly than the Tranchula you had. Nice to see them all happy and lovey dovey

It's a dog's life in that household, but I can't talk our Schnoodle thinks that we are his pets...Lol!

Mischievous pets for sure. I liked the clip from the future Randy. Smiley-wink

Wayne, the tarantula was way cheaper and easier to take care of, but as you say, not as cuddly.
Dub, they think we are so cruel - we don't get enough to eat and they won't let us jump up on the furniture. (Cost me 5 grand on Booger's back and they wouldn't be able to run if they ate freely at any time)

Nice Vid Randy !
They look happy and that is Good ! Smiley-laughing
They are hunting dogs. Now do they get to .. ?

Yes Arild, they are constantly on the hunt for mice, moles, birds, anything that might invade their yard. Booger found a mouse in the vent ducts under the house. He knew the mouse was there and wouldn't come in. I got a box to trap the mouse in but before I could get the box down on top of the mouse, Booger had the mouse in his mouth.

Good Dog !!
Way to go !

Booger is the more mouse crazy hunter than Beka. When I was rebuilding the deck he was constantly sniffing around to make sure there were no mice to attack me.

Two funny guys there!

Do you have a time machine Randy? Im have to say that you´re still looking good in 2024!

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