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better view from chest mount, but still could be a bit higher

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slowly getting there.  Must confess that it acts like a chest mount, but I have no chest, just ribs for it to line up against.  Next time it gets dry on the roads, I will take out the Bird and see what type of view it will produce.


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That worked out very well. If you weren't setting in the back seat. Looks good. HOW do you do it Randy NO snow. We just got 5 more in. Have a great week.

Yes I was sitting on the pillion seat. I guess I won't be driving up and seeing you next week then. Was 60 F today, but had fairly good rain off and on. Just managed to get between showers on an errand.

Your getting some riding in any way. The roads are iced up and very slick. I saw a sign that said motorcycles be careful. I'll get a photo of it, the streets are full of SNOW. I wish it were 60 F the HI was 31 F.with freezing rain

Snowcycle or snowmobile although neither r much fun on freezing rain ☔️

We've been having record highs down this way with sunny skies. Gonna have to start mowing, so I put the charger on the mower battery. Found out that battery is done, so I installed a new battery yesterday. (Batteries are fine on the bikes.)

Like the chest mount idea...

Will have to post a pic of my $10 mount versus the $40 go pro version

Better Randy. You'll have to make sure you have those strap ends tucked in good, so they don't blow around though. LOL.

Special effects Bill. Lol. Tried tucking in as riding but can't see down there

That is better, Randy. The only advice I can give you is get taller. That will help as well, lol

It is the other way around Allen, I need to get shorter so I sit in the driver seat of the Rebel instead of the pillion seat and leaning so far forward like riding a cafe racer. Need to angle the camera up more instead at a 90 degree angle.

You rode in the pillion seat? If so that's a better angle than I thought

that worked out better

He safety man! Next time you have to fasten your helmet so the black wire will not fly in the camera view! Smiley-laughing Nice vid Randy, I'll also try a chest mount next season!

Looking good to me!

Not found of the song but the visuals were good for the eyes.

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