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Thank You for Your unconditional friendship Gert...


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Fantastic my friend. You and Gert have a special bond that will last forever. Such a rear thing to find in this world

Maaaan, you should submit this vid for a September video contest Smiley-wink LOL
nice one, I have one condition, we're good as long as you're waiting and not thinking about that bottle

Gert is lucky to have two great brothers. One by birth and one by good fortune. Ride long and safe my friends.

Valerie is right, you have a special bond, the both of you. Great tribute. Polssken you are the master editor

That was a great video as always but I don't know what BiA means?

Very nice video for two very good friends. BiA Brothers in Arms ? maybe Reminds me of some friends I have met here .

Wayne that makes perfect sense. I have a friend like that

Best friends forever. I loved this vid. To my favorites.

Inseparable. And a great vid too.

another masterpiece my dear friend. Too bad the rest of the world can't get along like you 2 do. We would have no problems.

Great vid nice to see.

Marek, you have shown us on video the true mateship of friends that have a common interest in riding motorcycles.
We all have different friends but the bond between riding mates I feel is stronger.
Great work as always Marek Spielberg. Smiley-wink

I was just wondering how you guys felt the next morning after the 5 minute mark of your vid. Plenty of adult beverages in the scene. Smiley-laughing

Thanks for comments dudes and dudettes...

LuckyLuke; the bottle is still waiting but I dont know for how long. The storage costs are growing fast...
And about september video contest... Hmmm... If I do that video you´ll be playing the lead role...

Great tribute to a friendship....great editing!

Watched it again this morning and touched me again... No doubt this vid go's to one of my favorites...

We met eachother three and a half years ago, a few weeks after I logged in on this site for the first time, and from the first moment we had a few personal messages and we started to have Skype we, let me speak for myself, I had the feeling of a special bond. That feeling never changed, it's even stronger as the time goes by...

It took a while before I commented on this vid. But you know how I felt watching this vid for the first- and following times. Now I thought I had to write a few words...

I can honestly say I have one brother, that's Jan Dirk, but I've also one very best friend and I'm glad and proud his name is Marek Ban. Thanks for your friendship, humor, trust and your unconditional reliability and support... truth mateship!

We'll meet again!

Thanks for this great vid!

bros 4 ever!

... Forever bros!

You two have what most only wish for a real FRIEND in each other. I have found that we don't get real friends very often. I have a couple here it is a good feeling to have them around. Have a great 2017 both of you and all the rest here at CC

I agree Wayne. It doesn't happen that often in life you meet someone and after a while it seems to become a friend, and several years later it happened to be a real soulmate... Life is strange in many ways. Without CC we would never have learned to know eachother... it's here we met the first time but several years, personal messages, phone calls, many hours of Skype and our yearly personal visits later we know it is what it is...

You both hit the nail on the head. Couldn't agree more

The counting down has started... One month to go from now and we'll meet again...

And I will get to see it in person. Yahoo.

You sure will!

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