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Bike Trip, 2018. Port Townsend/ Coupville Washington State.


Been there done that BUT then I live here. Great video. I have family on Whidbey Island. I like the ferry ride too. I don't however like the deer they can hurt you.

Yes the deer racing you is not good as you never know when the stupid idiots will decide to run across the road in front of you. I had one in Baker City area coming racing up from behind me than ran across the road in front of me. It could have easily just ran behind me after I had already passed it.
I may have to check out the area next time I'm up to see my daughter who lives in Olympia, WA that is not far from there.

Wow the 180 that deer did was cool. Good vid

Valerie, only cool if it is 180 degrees AWAY from you instead of towards you.

True that

Next I need to run a ferry that big.

Hi Capt Xero, just dropped Sonny Boy at the Calgary airport. He'll be fixing Xerox machines in Whitehorse Yukon tomorrow.

Capt all you need to do is COME on OVER to Washington State. We have lots of ferries that big or bigger. They run all over Puget sound and up into Canada.

JJ, I see he is still at it. That is a blast of a territory. August 18 marks the one year I hung up my 5.5mm nut driver. All though PRC is figuring out I can fix things. I better watch out.

Wayne, I got to get Betsy to go out to the Pacific Northwest. I was there in Portland, Wilsonville OR area in 2000 and got to see some of the sights then and liked the area. I do have to check out the boats.

There is one over here that runs between Jamestown VA and Surry VA. And we have talked.

That sounds like a good spot. That would be quit the boat ride. If you ever find yourself and wife heading out this way just call me.

That's a commitment. will do.

That was a cool video, with music and animals

Great Vid - Nice scenery and those racing Deer are something to avoid .... I did like the way the OFF Ramp Came Down to meet the Deck - Very Cool Idea ....
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

Great vid JJ.

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