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The Birth of RoadWolf the CCC Traveler

Watch on Youtube

RoadWolf will be gifted to members of the CCC and will ride with them... being passed from one member to another sharing their rides around the world. 

If you get the chance to see RoadWolf, we would love to see a photo or video! 

If you ride with RoadWolf, we would love to see your adventure as well as read a written Discussion about your time together. 

RoadWolfs' Mission - Travel the World in the hands and in the bikes of the CCC. 

Ride Safe My Friends!


Members in this Video: 


Looking forward to meeting Roadwolf. Im sure by the time he comes to the land down under he will have some great stories to tell and be will traveled.

thats a great Idea ,hope he gets to Oz .

this has to be Tracy's idea Uwe .

thanks Tracy lol


Awesome! Don't let Phil get to it, it will end up in an institution...

I would like Road Wolfe next year and we will take him all across the big Island

He'll have to play a 2nd fiddle to our real wolf (OR7) here in Oregon. Of course if Road Wolf makes it to Oregon, we'll definitely try to get him introduced to OR7.

That is GREEEEEEAAAAAAT idea!!!!

Send it to Polssken right away I plan to be in Sweden this June so I will pick it up there and will give it a ride through some part of Europe and then it will spend some time till our winter in Ukraine and I'll fly with RoadWolf to Aussie Land to pass it to them... I like the plan )))

That sounds like a great idea. I,M IN It will be great fun riding and meeting some new friends..

I like your plan too Alec!!!

Thats great!

Great video................... will see him in Knoxville ! ( if he just HAS to go to Canada..........keep him away from Tony , the poor fellow isnt "all " there ! ) See you later Kyle ! Not to late to join use UWE !

Hilarious, Road Wolf has been born.

Looking forward to seeing him in Australia. You'll have to buy him a ticket over so he can join us on our Barosssa Valley rally in March 2013.

That is a cool idea. Look forward to seeing him.

Terry (crAzyAce)

Send him over mate! Can we temporarily change his shirt to a metric?

RoadWolf needs his own CC user ID so he can be tagged in photos!!

We'll have to pitch in and buy him a pair of pants in Oz, he'll get picked on in those chaps down here! People are cruel lol

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