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Bloody Idiots SMC

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You do NOT apply to be a Bloody Idiot...

To be eligible, members must be actively involved in the community
by contributing to discussions, adding FUNNY videos and photos, telling jokes,
having fun and doing silly things. 

Please show who you really are..



We´ll see Your effort..


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Lots of Bloody idiots. there every where...

That was brilliant mate!
Thanks for the laughs, I didn't realise we really were "Bloody Idiots"

you cant become a Bloody idiot you have to B born that way LOL!

Bloody brilliant

yep - says it all !!

Very good vid Marek. It explains a lot. Lol.

and proud to be one. If only I had known I was one 50 years ago instead of finding out last year. As they say better late, then never at all.

awesome video, Marek. I'm proud to be a member. "regular people" often notice the patch on my riding jacket and ask me what it means


Yep that's as

What a pack of idiots on this site and proud to be one

As long as I can remember they told me: "you are different (thinking)...!" Not always meant as a compliment... Sometimes they found and still find me a pain in the ass, for example at school, at the soccer club, with friends and even at my work... My interpretation? Rules and laws are guidelines, don't cross that line too far, but as far as possible if needed! For one and a half year ago I received two patches... Bloody Idiot member patches... Again a little different, but this time meant in a positive way! Smiley-wink

Thanks for the vid Marek. I'm sure it was a lot of work to make this vid, no doubt about that! But it was worth the time you spend to do it.....

I'm a Bloody Idiot.... and proud!

Good times.........................................................

Funny video for sure...

Just remember. If someone calls you a bloody idiot. Just smile and say "thanks"

that is what Bloody Idiots put other people in just for a laugh

Thanks Marek for high lighting the privilege of being a bloody idiot. It's something that I have strived for but had a head start when I was born....... I think. Smiley-laughing
Along with all my fellow bloody idiots, I must say that I'm proud to be associated with you all.
May many more join the clan.

Thanks for all comments dudes and "dudess" (minnieboo67)..
This video was ment as an answer to questions about "Bloody Idiots" and presentation of members...

Great video Marek!

All members very deserving of the title I'd say...LOL

LOL that was great Marek, BLood Idiots the original SMC

Another well put together video Marek.
Most of it looks like a normal weekend gathering for any Ulysses Club.
But some do look like Real Bloody Idiots and probably the life of the party.
Well done guys and girls for making the grade.

Lol, bloody idiots, each and everyone of them!! great video Guys and Girls.

Just stumbled on this again and had to watch it.

Sometimes I do the same Terry.... Watching back "in history" to see some vids and also pics.... You'r right, this one is great!!!!

It's a shame that some aren't active anymore.

Maybe there are some "newbes" on their way, huh?

I think so.

New Bloody Idiots? Let's wait and see..... who that can be!

Great to see those old vids again so once in a while..... Smiley-wink

I've always wanted to be a Bloody Idiot - and when I was younger, my Dad would regularly assure me that I was well on my way. Smiley-wink

Lol, sounds familar

I'm with Len although no one had to tell me. I just knew it. Lol.

If my Father-in-law knew to say that He'd call me that too. not as a complaint !

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