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Up in the Blue Mountains

Hopefully this will upload. We're up through part of the Blue Mountains not far frrom home.


OMG.  Albert, you not only used modern technology but you went one better than others.  You gave us a running commentary that wasn't just wind noise.  It's no wonder Coralie wont trade you in!!!

BTW.  Great Video and great scenery.  Take me there when I come over.

I just can't believe it, Albert has uploaded a video, and very nice indeed.

Thanks Albert, great job!

Thank you all. Credit goes to Coralie as it was all her work.

Camera- Coz

Sound-my terrible voice and Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe. (Now you know that as soon as I started the bike I had to buy it! lol)

Oh, I think the Monaro is actually sold in Yankee land as a Pontiac GTO.....or I'm guessing wrong again.

Oh, Phil. It was all wind noise! he he he

Hey Al & Coz,

Thanks for taking us on the ride through the Blue Mountains with you. Really impressed with the riding commentary Al!

Al that's the only time I'll ride on the back with you, you made me motion sick! LOL Actually it made me want to go out for a ride right now.

Well done guys, make sure it's not the last!

Gr8 clip Al one of my favorite rides.

Nide ride, and the your correct about the GM Aussie Monaro = US Pontiac GTO.


lol good run, the whole way i was thinkin lokkin forward to the view from the top and it endedCool

Great one Als Thanks for sharing your experience !!!

You ride on the wrong side off the road                                        LOL   Wink

WOW,  I guess I need to step up my tech. game, Great video AL. Lovely views, Such a nob I am, I did not know u even had mountains.   The bike sounds great too. What pipes u running. The boy said my roady sounds like that, but not from where I sit....

Hey cruizon, there is more of the view at the top. Will try to get it on asap. Also, other vids we took out on the Valk. Not much exhaust sound in them though! lol

Copper, they are the standard Royal Star pipes with a little of the baffle removed. I like the sound of the V4!!!! (Not those V4 Hondas though)

Wrong side of the road? You have to thank the Brits for that. he hehe.... yeah, you Geoff!


Thanks Al 

 great vid and the sound  was very clear , Ive tried to do video from my bike and the wind noise over shadows every think but I will one day have a vid worth posting


Thanks Al 

 great vid and the sound  was very clear , Ive tried to do video from my bike and the wind noise over shadows every think but I will one day have a vid worth posting


Geez your a bit flash Albert. So are you going to come clean and tell everyone its was actually the boss at the helm and you with the camera! lolWink


Great work guys.


Techno-phobic Kiwi

That looks like a great place to ride,Except your'e on the wrong side of the


Looks real nice Albert!!

your getting a real clever Richard on that PC ain't u!!

Excellent vid Albert!  That looks like such a nice ride up there!  And the vid is not too shaky at all.  Good job!

Great video guys. You ride on the wrong side of the roads down under!!!!!!! Hell it made me nervous.

No, everyone else down here rides on the right. I just can't get the hang of it! lol Yes FB. the boss had the video job. I tried not to lean too much as I wasn't sure how she would be given that she was sort of hangin' out there a little bit. I thought she did well.

Your driving on the wrong side of the road.Smile Which way do you lean.Wink

My heart stops every time I see a car coming from the opposite direction.


....when you come to a left hand corner you lean left....and when you come to a right hand lean ....ummmmm....... I better start again. When you get to a lefty, you lean left... lol

same comment,you guy drive on the wrong side,ha

im thinking what my father told me one time,about a lot of gi's got killed im england,cause they couldnt get used to driving on the other side of the road and they would forget!

Too freaky for an old Yank like me.

Nah, 'hawk. Just ride it at your own pace. We did. I'm not a real fast rider anymore.

Just loaded an updated version of this. Watch this one first, listen to the commentary and the engine. Then watch thge updated one. THe engine sounds different...but the commentary sounds the same. lol


beachy, this is on the Royal Star Tour Deluxe '98 model

Hey, watch Coz's fast version. THe bike sounds like a chook chaser. lol

Omg brought this clip out of the Ark.
I still had hair when this one was made. Lol

Just brought it out for beachy, Matt. Did you see the fast version of it?

Oh dear. Some are easily amused aren't they?? Do you have Alzheimer's Al. You posted this 3 years ago. Even I remember it!!!

Come on Phil
You know how older people like to show their slides.
Just pretend its new.

Very fair call Matt. I will stand in the corner and severely admonish myself!!

Good man

Admonish? Is that what you call it now Phil? lol

Val, my first video....comentary done while riding. Does it show? Lol

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