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Blue sky!!!.... (only for a day...)

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Nice as always. You are right the windmill is beautiful. Good music

A beautiful day for a ride indeed. everything is so green there now.

I could have used that one Edwin! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Great ride. Love the music it was most fitting

The glasses look pretty cool. As long as the protect the eyes, that is what counts. Hopefully we have nice blue skies and semi-warmer temps in May when I get there.

Very nice ride, Way better than snow and rain. it rained today too. Tomorrow will be nice I hope

Yes I hope so Bird is still filthy dirty

Randy, I think I'll use them on my ride to Sweden. I hope the weather will be a bit better as it is now. I told it in the vid, it was just for a day. it's raining again for two days already and more to come next few days...

That's what riding is. More than a feeling.

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