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Blueridge Parkway

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One of the most fantastic rides in the US and we had rain and fog. What are the odds


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I know, I know. I was supposed to have brought the goat for the weather spirit sacrifice,

Yes what was with that anyway????

What views?? LOL. That's pretty high odds, though with the crazy way the weather has been.

Hey Valerie, I thought the odds were really great thus I bought a lottery ticket. Yes, I'm still going to work as I did not even get my ticket money back. Also as I watch this it is to be in the high 80s for the next several days again. Need to turn the sprinkler on to keep the lawn from turning brown.

I could hear that fire truck, but I could not tell were it was coming from. Randy has to water the lawn. Were expecting thunder storms and flash floods this afternoon.




Betsy says riding in the rain still beats a good day at work.

so true

When I would have a choise I would rather have rain compairing to hard wind. But to be honest I’m more a nice weather rider.... my GOODNESS what a rain!

It was crazy wet

...and the views!! At one point, when the fog started to lift (slightly), Jessica said, "Oh, look! A tree!"

Great video, Val!

Shame about the rain Val , just have to go back some day and do it again ...

Your right

Funny. We talked about this over breakfast. This time starting at Roanoke VA. I did print off Randy's dragon map for future reference.

Hey, count me in.... when it's sunny & dry! I'd love to actually SEE it next time!

Gee Alex, we got to see stuff!!! Water, Tail Lights, Puddles, LOL

I'll be passing Atlanta Tuesday, I'll wave

Drop in on Alex&J Might get dinner out of it.

If we try next summer we'll give a heads up. At 3,000 feet the views got to be out of sight. And I don't mean heavy fog.

That looks wet. Just a little chilly. Good you had a great time any way.

I've revamped my trip. Decided I dont want to do Key West again. Instead I'm going to Strugis and ride the great roads there. If I leave Monday I can have an easy ride and be there on the 3rd. Spend 4 days and head home by way of Rocky Mtn NP

Sounds like a nicer trip anyway. This time of the year it would be hot as hell in Key West.

yes and the traffice out and back during the holiday should be awefull

Ocean City MD is two hours away. It took us an hour to get into town and a hour to get out of town. Magically were able to find a place to park. We avoid the Bay bridge from Annapolis to the bridge Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

I will be going back to that region again in maybe 3 years. A lot of roads to ride there. the Devil's whip (, The Rattler (, etc.

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