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Buckenderra to Berridale NSW

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Just a Shortish ride for the mates who don't ride anymore - Let them know what they are missing out on ....  Hope you enjoy the Cruise and the Blues.  The Hoochie Coochie Men with John Lord on Keyboard - Some of the finest blues you'll hear .....  Cheers - RIDE SAFE.


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Nice ride and great music, But Dude your on the wrong side of the road!!!! LOL

I know that road well Greg but more so in a car when attempting to hone my skills at fly fishing in the Eucumbene.
Love the Blues!
Val I couldn't tell what side of the road he was on centre lines...LOL!!!

I'll be riding like that soon, nice tunes too..

So what are the reasons your friends don't ride any more? I suspect each has a fairly legitimate reason, some is health, some is money, and heaven forbid, some just lose interest which I can not imagine. I just love the camera angle you are using. Makes it feel like I'm the one riding the bike.

Yeah, you're right - Some just get trapped in the usual city suburbia scene - Wife, Kids, Dog, Lawn Mower - the bike gets sold because it just isn't being used much anymore - Family takes precedence - and they just get trapped and domesticated and finish up with a HUGE Female THUMBPRINT imbedded into their forehead - You know the scenario - Under the Thumb !!! (OUCH!) ... and Now that they are retired and leading boring lives but not working they aren't brave enough to just Get themselves another bike - ALL Talk NO Action but they are still mates of mine and I do a few vids for them to mainly stir the crap out of them and maybe, Just Maybe one day their testicles will actually DROP and they will become a MAN (again?) and DO something that THEY Want To DO ...
But I doubt it - sad really - I couldn't live like that - Maybe that is why I am living on my own and even though I have a buggered back I still am doing the thing/s that are important to ME and I don't have to worry about someone else .... and I just love it when a nice day rolls around and I grab the keys - unlock the bike and get out and DO IT !!! It is the ONLY way to Fly for me ... (Those guys are just pussies) ...
Cheers Randy -
Ride Safe ...

Frostbite.. I'm with you on stuff I like to do. I have a great wifey she has never told me what I can and can't do. I have always supported my family but I have always done what I like. When I raced back in the 70-80's she never watched or went to the races. I have ridden all over the country with out her, she won't set on a bike. I don't mind. When I decide to ride some place I just get on and go she will find out I'm not home when she gets there. I have several friends that do the very same thing you have just described. They let the woman or wife decide what is OK to do. They have to ask to even go out to have a drink with the boys. I like you just go. It makes life easy and fun. My wife is always welcome to join me but she prefers to stay home. I only call if I get injured..She really does not like that part. I have called a few times but not many were serious.
We are heading to Australia in 2019 to see Steve and Trish, thinking of spending three weeks down under having fun and riding with the WILD HOGs. That the little woman wants to do.. We will have a great time..
Ride safe and often

Yes. After Mother Nature blew me off the road, my wife and daughter both asked me was I going to get ride again. The first day I thought I probably wouldn't, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it makes me feel truly alive. I told them I'm going to get another bike and ride again. They asked what would happen if I didn't. I told them I would probably get grumpy like my father. They said get the bike. My father only road a bike once. It is his disabled back injury that made him grumpy and his mind thinking that limits his life.
Wayne, why just 3 weeks?

When the pot hole from hell got me my son said Good thing you had people to count on and when you going on your next trip

Valerie, sounds like your son knows you well.

Nice ride and music Greg.

Kathy only want's to do three weeks at the most and I have other rides to do. I only want to spend 15 K. After three weeks, I think company and fish start to stink after a while. When one stays too long no one want's them to come back. I am one of those guys. I like my friends and I limit them to my great personality and caring nature!!!

That is why I'll keep riding to find new company. LOL. Rochele will probably only stay for 2 weeks or 3 at most also as that is all the vacation time she has. If you keep the company on ICE like fish, they won't start stinking therefore you'll need to go when they have winter. LOL

sweet...keep em' coming

Greg, you owned the road, except for that road kill.
I loved the ride and the music.

Always plenty of road kill down this way - You'll never go hungry here .... Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

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