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Buddah's Farewell ride

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These are some pics we took on the way from the church. Im sorry about the reflections in some of them.


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Thanks for sharing

Thanks Adrian, he was a great man and may he ride on forever. RIP, Wayne.

Thank you for letting the "rest " of us join you Adrian. Take care brother.

Thnx Adrian...

How was the ceremony?

The ceremony was quite moving for me. I learnt a few things about Wayne I knew and remembered a lot from the time we had together. The whole time I could hear him giving me a smart arsed comment about being upset for him with a wry smile on his face.

I'm going to miss him and his sense of humour for sure.

Thanks for sharing Adrian!

Thanks for posting Adrian. The pics of the bikes stretched out along the road and clouds, I can just imagine Wayne saying yes, that is what it should be, all my friends riding together.

I chated with him a couple of times on Skype.. I can confirm; I liked his sense of humor too... I really hope he could see "the ride" from place he´s now...

Never forgotten...

Thanks for the journey Beachy. I'm sure all CC members will miss him. R.I.P.Wayne.

The humor he had, yes..... what you say Adrian! I had only two times Skype with Wayne but still, I do remember his face and voice and laugh! Impressive to see all those bikes joining him on his last ride!

Beachy, thanks for sharing those pics. I was extremely honoured to have ridden with Wayne on his final ride.

He Will B missed but never forgotten.
R.I.P. Wayne!

Thanks Adrian, I too was honoured with his last ride on this earth.
He is ripping it up above now.

Thanks Adrian. Brings back sad memories of the day.
Ride In Peace Wayne.

I miss his warped sense of Humour Tezza.

I do too.

Miss you mate.

RIP mate

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