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CA weekly rides - Victory Vegas 8ball

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Checkout the video review from our new friends at Competition Accessories



That was a nice ride and a lot of information... I've seen many more of this kind of reviews but this I think is a good one!

Valerie, a bike built for you, seat height of 25".

Ha, that's it Randy! No steps necessary for Valerie! Smiley-laughing

I like it.

And just what do you like about it Terry? Is it because it is low to the ground? I liked the review about it, doubt I would keep it if given to me. I have this strange thing about bikes, they have to be more symmetrical, ie pipes on both sides. Also really prefer front dual brake rotors. My Speedmaster I had only had the one, but I had seen version of it with dual ones.

For some reason I agree about the symmetry Randy.... (.... and for me it's not only bike related, Sometimes Simone becomes crazy about me!!!!) Smiley-laughing

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